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There are numerous apps you can use to make sure the contents of a folder is copied to a different location without too much effort on your side. FreeFileSync is one such utility.
Packs multiple types of synchronization
You can easily add the folders you want to process using drag and drop, or you can manually browse to their location, if you prefer. Moreover, you can even connect to an online storage account, namely Google Drive, SFTP or FTP.
Depending on your necessities and preferences, you can choose one of the sync methods that you like best.
You can choose the two-way sync when you want the changes to be identified and propagated on both the source and the target folders. File deletions, moves, and conflicts are detected automatically, so no user input is required.
You can create a mirror backup of the left folder by adapting the right folder to match it or you can copy new and updated files to the right folder.
If none of these sync methods please you, you can set up a custom synchronization rule that is tailored specifically according to your needs.
Supports folder comparison
Another useful feature supported by FreeFileSync is comparing files by various criteria, such as modification time and size, file contents, or file size.
You can also filter the data from a chosen folder, so as to exclude files from a certain synchronization job. Wild cards are supported, so you can create very specific filters for your sync rules.
To wrap it up
All in all, FreeFileSync can provide you with the right tools to quickly and efficiently compare the files in a chosen folder, even if you are not a computer expert. You can also use the same app to synchronize multiple folder pairs, according to your necessities.







FreeFileSync 12.06 [Mac/Win]

Sync folder contents with one click

* Actual screenshots may differ based on device

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Sync folders content and folders backup

Compare files content and size

Comparison tool and bulk uploader

FreeSync is a file synchronization app which makes it easy to sync files to your iPhone/iPad in batches or in real-time as new changes happen on the computer side.
Like many of the free Apple apps of the same type, FreeSync’s interface is easy to use and work with. It supports several sync modes, including two-way, one-way, delete, and mirroring.
Unlike some of the sync apps available in the App Store, FreeSync seems to be working on all the operating systems, including Windows and Mac, so the service is quite reliable.
You can sync several directories with the app to get the required results. If you want to sync two directories, you can drag and drop the folders of interest onto the app and let it do the rest.
Some other important features of FreeSync are:

Folder comparison

Batch upload

Compression option

Customized synchronization rules

Uninstall option

Browser interface

FreeSync offers a free version called SyncUp. It has different limits on how many devices and folders you can sync, but is nevertheless worth checking out.


If you want to upload the files to several computer locations at once, or you want to sync a couple of folders to several other folders, FreeSync supports the option of batch uploading.

You can also compress the files, if you wish, before uploading them.

At the current time, FreeSync only supports Mac and Windows, but the developer plan to add support for the iOS in the future.

Overall, FreeSync is a very useful tool which can save your time a lot while sync files to your mobile devices.

Best Sync tool


In the free version, you cannot sync to a local or online storage location.

In the paid version, you can sync to a local or online location, but all the fees are charged according to the file size.


Despite the fact that we have fewer choices to pick from, FreeSync seems to be a good sync app which can save you a lot of hassle.
You can easily copy new files to a remote location, or simply

FreeFileSync 12.06 Crack Free Download For Windows [Updated] 2022

FreeFileSync Cracked Version is an easy-to-use file and folder synchronization tool. This free program is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux. It’s a two-way synchronization tool, that’s capable of comparing files, or folders or their content, by various criteria, such as modification time and size.
FreeFileSync Features:
– Two-way synchronization of files and folders
– Supports multiple synchronization rules, free of charge
– Compares files by various criteria, such as modification time, modification date, file contents, files size or file extensions
– Wild cards are supported

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FreeFileSync 12.06 Crack (LifeTime) Activation Code

FreeFileSync is a powerful and user-friendly file comparison and synchronization tool. It helps you maintain a single copy of all the files and folders on your computer in several directories.
Key Features:
Groups folders according to criteria including date modified, size and content.
Custom synchronization rules allow you to set up a particular algorithm that is designed for your needs.
Synchronize a selected folder with a reference folder. You can create mirror backup and compare files.
Supports wildcards with a single click.
Supports file/folder comparison.
Offers an easy-to-use interface.

Filesir is a file search for the Apple Mac OS X operating system. It gives you real-time results, so you don’t need to open the actual file to know whether you need to open it or not.
The program also works with a powerful index for quick searches and full text search and presents results in full screen.
The great thing about Filesir is that you can tag files and folders before using them. You can use the tags to work with an indexed file, for example, by deleting all the tagged folders. Another great feature is the ability to automatically close files you don’t need, saving disk space on your Mac.
Filesir is a free Mac app. You can download Filesir for free to your Mac today.
Filesir has been tried and tested in the latest version of OS X, El Capitan. This review is about the older version, so you might want to give it a try.
Users also download and use Filesir on Windows, iOS and Android devices.
Real-time results – Instead of opening the file, just click its icon on your desktop, you can open the file directly from the application without having to navigate through your folders.
Indexing – Filesir works with the file index. This makes it possible to search through your files in just one click.
Full text search – Search for files you need even if you don’t know the exact name.
Tags – Tags are easily handled and used to group and filter your files.
Fast – The program is fast and enables you to open the files you want to see and work with them immediately.
Automatic cleanup – Filesir automatically closes the files and folders you don’t need to keep on your hard disk.
Tag management – Tags can be easily managed and used to perform fast searches and group files.

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What’s New in the?

FreeFileSync is a free and lightware data comparison and synchronization app that can help you keep track of the files on your mobile devices. You can create sync rules to manage the comparison and synchronization of your data between your PC and your devices.

Naman Jain





App ‘free’ and uses cloud storage?

Developer’s ‘description’ is misleading. File sync is not what this app is doing.
This app is just using the ‘free’ feature of Google Cloud Storage to store your files on it.
After downloading the app, you can’t delete the app, can’t un-install it.
It’s like getting a ‘free’ but you have to give 100% of the files to Google
Try to remove it and you have to pay for your Cloud Storage again.

Leo A

Gudevid Khairnar




This really sucks!

This is exactly what the name says. After installing FreeFileSync on my mobile device I have no idea why this app is there.
I am really puzzled. You can select folders. Ok… done.
Now it starts searching your phone for files.
Well, I have used the file explorer and it simply shows all my files.
Same with sdcard. All files. Also the hidden ones.
But this “FreeFileSync” starts searching in your memory.
That is really horrible.
After I had a search for “let there be light”, my phone stopped to work.
I had to return to the settings and remove this app, which needs a good search in device memory. I am afraid, that the other apps will leave it on the device.

Hariman Unar





Doesn’t work

This app is very slow to sync. It doesn’t find anything.
It looks like they are using real-time syncing to be able to sync to multiple devices. You can try that.
The name and description could be better. Something about “Free” doesn’t mean “free”…

John Wu





Does not work

I am a student and I got this for assignment. Everything else failed. This app does not do anything. It

System Requirements For FreeFileSync:

Mac OS X 10.4.9 and later (10.5 and later, for 10.6 and later editions).
Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later.
PSP/PS2 emulation.
Minimum system requirements:
Older emulators may have requirements not listed above.
Other requirements