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gbPlot application was designed to provide colorful plots of 3D surface equations.
Features include pre-loaded equations, retreival of equations from an online database of over 75,000,000 equations, solid, wireframe, and point image formats.
Here are some key features of “gbPlot”:
3D Equation Plotting
■ Equations of the form z=f(x,y)
■ Colorful VRML display (18 color gradients)
■ Parameter editing (XY range, scale, bounding limits)
■ Edit, sort, add, delete, and re-order equation list
VRML Display Feature
■ On-screen positioning controls
■ Mouse control of image position
■ Rotation
■ Zoom
■ Examine, Walk, and Fly viewing options
■ Home positioning
General Display Features
■ Side by side equation and image display panes
■ Toolbar with most frequently used features
■ Resizable image window
■ VRML background color selection
■ Use of registry to store viewing options
Export Options
■ Send image to clipboard
■ Save image as BMP file
■ Save image as WRL (VRML) file
■ Export equation list as text
■ Submit equations to gbPlot web site for posting
Help Options
■ Online Help web page
■ Detailed function definitions
■ Online update to latest version
■ If you’ve just completed adjusting a display to exactly the way you want it you can save it for display in another session. But why wait? Use the Edit/Set Wallpaper menu option to change the desktop wallpaper to a centered image of what you see in gbPlot Enhanced.
Slideshow Mode
■ Chose the Options/Slideshow menu option and watch gbPlot Enhanced cycle endlessly through the complete list of equations. An approximate 2 second delay is used between each image.
Angled Startup
■ With gbPlot Enhanced you can have the image automatically rotated so that you can see the 3D nature of the image. This feature saves you a lot of time when you want to scroll through the equations, looking for a particular image – by eliminating the need to use the mouse to manually rotate each image.
AutoSave Images
■ When you pick the File/Save Image to File menu option, the freeware version of gbPlot saves the image to a file that is always named “gbPlot.bmp”. With gbPlot Enhanced you can have the image file automatically named to “gbPlt001.bmp”, with subsequent saves incrementing the filename as “gbPlt002.bmp”, “gbPlt003.bmp”, …
■ When the filename reaches “gbPlt999.bmp”, it will recycle to “gbPlt001.bmp”.
■ You can use this to capture many images in a sequence – such as when you’re automatically rotating the gbPlot Enhanced image and want to capture several images to support building an Automated GIF of the rotation.
Batch Load of User-Defined Equations
■ Do you have your own list of equations to add to gbPlot Enhanced? gbPlot Enhanced will add a list of equations from a simple text file (which must be named “batch.txt”, and which is located in the gbPlot folder). Use the Equations/Batch Load Equations menu option to add the contents of the text file to the existing equation list. This can be much faster than loading the equations one at at time within gbPlot Enhanced.
■ Don’t forget to save the list when you exist (gbPlot Enhanced will automatically remind you to save any changes made to the equation list)!









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gbPlot Enhanced is a version of the freeware gbPlot that has been extended to support 3D equations. 3D equations are plotted from list of equations. These can include all kinds of equations you might want to plot:
■ General 3D surface plotting equations
■ Non-linear coordinate equations (notably: z=sin(x), x=sin(z), z=x^2+y^2, etc.)
■ Equations in polar coordinates (lots of equations of the form z=r cos(phi) – rsin(phi), r=cos(phi) – sin(phi), z=a*r*cos(phi) + b*r*sin(phi) for any a and b)
■ z=f(x,y)
■ z=f(x,y) + g(x,y) + h(x,y)
■ z=f(x,y)+g(x,y)+f(x,y)^3
■ z=f(x,y)+g(x,y)+f(x,y)^5
■ z=f(x,y)+g(x,y)+f(x,y)^7
■… many more
■ Highly non-linear differential equations (phi-scaling of z = f(x,y) = (phi*cosh(phi)+sinh(phi))/cosh(phi)^2
■ Numerical plotting: set up a zero mesh, set the mesh spacing and location in the 3D window, set up a control point at (0,0,0), set the view direction to be along the x axis (pointing from the top left to the bottom right), and click the mouse to set the range of y values (for the unknown z=f(x,y) value), set the incrementing function to be the shortest line between 2 mouse clicks (if desired, you can also use set mouse clicks as z values, or set the mouse click increment to be the same as the mouse click spacing), set the boundary values for z=0 and z=ylim, and then click the mouse to set the maximum and minimum y values.
■ 2D vector equations
■ bezier curve equations
■ parametric equations

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gbPlot Free Download Enhanced (free) is a freeware add-on for gbPlot Download With Full Crack (a free viewer for U.S. Military Surface Defences equations from the U.S. ADRP’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM). It is in my opinion the best fitting graphic tool for the traveler (roving) operator. The use of color, not just text, makes interpretation of the equations much easier and more obvious, especially for a land-based operator. I have provided a simple editor in the package so that you can create your own equation file.
Since the creation of gbPlot (for the viewing of equations) in 1987, there have been some changes in the surface engineering scene. I set out to bring a new color scheme to the equation display, make gbPlot more user friendly and help more operators get more use out of gbPlot.
In the first release of gbPlot I introduced a simulation feature that would let you watch the evolution of the system or even edit equations interactively. I put a lot of thought into this feature to make it work well and set it up to be user friendly. That same thought went into the equations of gbPlot. They follow the “now you see them, now you don’t” principle. To understand this it helps to have a certain amount of knowledge of surface engineering.
For more information on the equations please visit my online database at:

The free gbPlot viewer has since been updated to a feature packed version, that can also do animation and all of the other things that gbPlot Enhanced has now become a replacement for. The older gbPlot also has features that are now in the gbPlot Enhanced version. If you want to look up more information on any of those features, there is a good help file in the gbPlot folder that is updated every time I release a new version of the gbPlot viewer.
Requirements to use the enhanced package of gbPlot:
■ Viewer available for download at:

■ Compatible with Version 3.1 or later of gbPlot
■ Please use the instructions for download of the viewer and information sheet to create a registry key, by clicking in the Settings/Registry key box, and selecting “Create a new key”


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gbPlot Enhanced is a freeware distribution of gbPlot – an application developed in Visual Basic ( by Insight Software.
gbPlot Enhanced provides a quick and easy way to build 3D plots of equations. It offers over 75,000,000 equations of the form z=f(x,y) and allows you to position, view, and edit them all in a colorful, wireframe “vector” display. The ability to resize and organize equation lists for easier manipulation also provides a simple way to build a complete printed picture of mathematical formulae.
Features include:
■ Equations of the form z=f(x,y)
■ color, wireframe, and point image displays
■ XY coordinate window to position and scale the equation (for use as background of a new or existing plot image)
■ Clear workspace (hide equations to be displayed on top of the equation window)
■ Edit, sort, add, delete, and re-order equation list
■ Save, sort, and delete all downloaded equations in a ‘batch’ file from a text file (the ‘batch.txt’ file must be named ‘batch.txt’ in the gbPlot folder)
■ Home positioning of equations
■ Make images to plot transparent (to see the equations beneath)
■ Image and equation windows can be moved to any edge of the desktop
■ Mouse control of image position
■ Rotate
■ Zoom
■ Use of registry to save viewing options
■ Fly over equations to see in 3D (added experimental)
File/Save Image to File menu:
■ ‘Set Wallpaper’ option allows picture to be displayed in current session – retains image for future use
■ ‘Save Image as’ option allows different images to be saved as BMP files in several image sizes
■ ‘Save Image as’ allows transparent picture to be saved as a WRL file with the format ‘wvrl’
■ ‘Send Image to Clipboard’ option allows image to be copied to the clipboard for use in other applications
■ ‘Save Equation List to File’ option allows equation list to be saved to a text file for use as source for gbPlot Enhanced
■ ‘Edit/Set Wallpaper’ option allows wallpaper to be set to a specific image (

What’s New In GbPlot?

gbPlot is a “Graphical Building Editor”. It is designed to allow the user to edit a solid, a wireframe, and a point image. It is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that allows the user to visualize the equation and track the path of the curve. All surfaces can be described in 3 different forms and are stored in 3 different formats.
Equations can be dragged onto the workspace of gbPlot, then edited or saved. A 3D “preview” of the shape of the equation can be shown in a 2D, wireframe, or point image format. Equations can be rendered in “solid”, “wireframe”, and “point” view. Equations can be saved in 3 different formats.
gbPlot’s user interface is similar to CAD packages and allows the user to import equations from both text and Access databases. Import user-defined equations from an Excel spreadsheet, or from text files. Equations can be directly added to the current equation list, or the “Import” button allows you to bring in a complete directory of equations.
gbPlot allows the user to import 3D model equations from VRML, and save equations in VRML format. The user can save surfaces in 3D format (PRT, PLY, XYZ files), as 2D (BMP) format, and as a 2D image format.
gbPlot includes a powerful equation editor. The equation editor is based on Cadence Design Systems “VECTOR” and allows the user to drag equation components onto the workspace, then manipulate the equation. Surface construction is very powerful, allowing the user to create what are called “Curve to Curve”. A typical VECTOR example is combining an arc and a tangent to produce a complex “circle to curve” segment.
gbPlot includes a powerful equation analyzer that extracts the equation parameters. This produces a list of ranges and other analysis for the equation.

A Simple Fading Effect :
1) The Picture sequence
2) The Script
@Dimension dIMX = 320
@Dimension dIMY = 240
@Dimension dIMW = 255
@Dimension dIMH = 255
@Dimension dSMX = 2
@Dimension dSMY = 2
@Dimension dSWH = 5
@Dimension dSPH = 30
@Dimension dTMO = 1.5
@Dimension dSPR = 0.2

System Requirements For GbPlot:


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