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Roblox is an online multi-player game development platform that is free to use. It enables users to build and post games to their website, share them with friends, and play other user-created games. Users have the ability to use various programming languages in order to create games for Roblox.
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For the purpose of this video:
– The characters in Roblox are just placeholders for user-created characters, real people, and Roblox avatars of real-life people.
– The Robux in the video are for sale from Roblox.
– The Roblox logo was used begrudgingly as a placeholder as I do not own the rights to it. That logo is not utilized in anyway in the game, it is just a placeholder.
– The Roblox creative mode, which is free to use, is where I’ve created the video using. You can learn more about it here:

– The server was created from what Roblox tells me, and it’s not a real server.

published:21 May 2018


This is an excellent video on programming with the game OOPS! 2D programming, the game OOPS! 2D allows the user to to create a game using graphical programming on the 2D platform.
This video specifically demonstrates the use of functions such as function declaration, data types, variables, parameters, compound statements, and input output.

Tictrac Game Runners – High Score Player 5.0.1 – How To (Mac)

The Tictrac Game Runners software is used to allow games to be run on the Tictrac Game Runner hardware.
The Tictrac Game Runners software is a program


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