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Glossy Blacky is a beautiful collection of dock icons that you’ll be able to enjoy onto your home computer.
The collection will provide users with a list of graphical representations refering to the Control Panel, documents, downloads, favorites, fonts, Internet, music, pictures, search or videos.









Glossy Blacky

Glossy Blacky Serial Key, is a collection of fun and useful dock icons, which will be able to help you a lot.
You’ll be able to organize and manage your computer very easily and fast. So, if you want to take advantage of all it offers, don’t hesitate and begin downloading it now!
Once you have installed and start using Glossy Blacky Cracked Accounts, you’ll be able to enjoy it, take advantage of all it has to offer and you’ll be able to take full control of your computer!
Phenomenal features
Cracked Glossy Blacky With Keygen will be offering you several phenomenal features.
All icons are included and they’re very customizable, based on your needs and desires.
This is one of the few dock icon collections that you will be able to get for free of charge. So, don’t hesitate and download it now!
We’re on our way to a cyber world where free things are highly valuable. That’s why our website is making all the effort to collect them to you. For this, we need your help. We hope this collection will give you pleasure.
Furthermore, if you have any comments or suggestions, don’t hesitate to use the contact form we offer on our website.
Enjoy this application, you won’t regret it and you’ll always keep track of your favorite downloads!

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Glossy Blacky Crack + Registration Code

Glossy Blacky is a beautiful collection of dock icons that you’ll be able to enjoy onto your home computer.
The collection will provide users with a list of graphical representations refering to the Control Panel, documents, downloads, favorites, fonts, Internet, music, pictures, search or videos.

DockIcon Test is a program I prepared to help someone who wanted to download a lot of icons.
I designed it just for them, in the sense that I wanted it to be easy to use, and reliable.
Although we tested it for dozens of hours, DockIcon Test works perfectly (tested it today for over 10 hours, and it did not crash).
After installing the program, you will be able to have the following features:
Search for the latest or any images, and download them to your computer.
By clicking on a folder icon, the program will show you the list of files and folders inside the folder.
The program can be used directly from Windows or from a USB stick, USB memory, CD, DVD or even from a different computer if you are connected via a network.

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Glossy Blacky [Mac/Win] [Latest 2022]

1.More than 200 dock icons
2.Excelent graphics and high resolution
3.Group the images into three categories: Internet, Control Panel and the rest.
4.Glossy Blacky is the ultimate collection of dock icons which you can use and enjoy for free!
5.Icons are scalable and available in 1024×768 size
6.Five different themes are included.
7.If you like it, please give the icon a vote. 🙂

DockBook is a simple dock replacement for Windows. The main goal of DockBook is to provide a modern and beautiful way to open applications and navigate the folders and icons on your desktop.
Some interesting features include:
* Multiple folders are supported and sorted in a ‘Folder’ view
* Smooth navigation between icons, applications, virtual folders, and desktop items.
* Workspaces: Easily create as many workspaces as you like. Switch easily between them.
* Full screen of applications and desktop.
* Personalize the look and feel of the DockBook, including the types of desktop icons that you use, and their size and order.
* Smooth animation when switching between the dock and applications.
* All common taskbar functions available including keyboard shortcuts.
* Keyboard drag & drop for files and folders (accessories you use on a daily basis will be slightly modified for your personal needs).
* Access to all your favorite folders and applications.

A new line in dock icons collection.

A set of flexible and desktop items which can be useful to personalize your desktop.
You can use your own images for icons.
FamFamFam is a collection of icons designed by a few friends of mine.
It includes some icons from the original FamiFam. See here:
The new collection includes:
* Desktop cube
* Dropbox
* Explorer
* Envelop
* File manager
* Filesystem
* GalaxyS
* GoToMeeting
* GoogleAnalytics
* Google Search
* Log manager
* Mac
* Dropbox
* Evernote
* Illustrator
* Twitter
* Windows
* Word
* Android
* Firefox
* Android
* iPhone
* iTunes
* Zooming
* Bookmarks
* Lock screen
* Calendar
* Birthday

What’s New in the?

This collection was created with the Windows XP Dock theme as a reference.
It features a custom collection with a great number of dock icons: ‘Favorite Files’, ‘Favorites’, ‘New Tab’, ‘Downloads’, ‘Documents’, ‘Folder View’, ‘Search’, ‘Internet Explorer’, ‘Fonts’, ‘Music’, ‘Pictures’, and ‘Video’.
The icons have been carefully designed, the textures have been converted from the original (bmp files) and the final result is a lot more that just a simple collection of dock icons.
The collection can be used to personalize your Windows environment, because its looks can be adapted to fit all the personal tastes.
Therefore, if you prefer the Windows XP Dock, you’ll find that the original elements will appear in the dock, and the rest will be in the Classic Shell interface.
Additional Information:
Compatible with all the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Windows OS; all the languages supported by the Windows operating system.The version included in the archive, as of today, is 11.0.
Icon dimensions: approx. 394 x 394 px;
Overlay: 2048 x 2048 px.
12 icons included in the archive.
Version: 11.0.
Compatibility List:
Macintosh OS
Windows XP and Vista
Internet Explorer 7
Windows Media Player 11, 12 & 12.1
Windows Security Center
Windows Live Mail
Windows Messenger
New Earth
Summary Review:
Although a small collection of dock icons, Glossy Blacky is full of surprises.
In fact, the icons are precisely designed and of a high quality.
In addition to the original 16 dock icons, the icons included in the collection have been further improved with a new menu and a wonderful appearance.
Therefore, if you’re looking for an icon collection with both quality and usefulness, Glossy Blacky is just what you need.
With an incredible number of dock icons, Glossy Blacky can be an essential reference in your Windows personalization.
The collection includes images that fit the Windows XP Dock or classic shell versions.
Additionlly, the collection features a beautiful appearance that matches it to your Windows interface.
All that makes it a great addition to the dock area.

Version: 11.0.
Compatibility List:
Macintosh OS
Windows XP and Vista
Internet Explorer 7
Windows Media Player 11, 12 & 12.1

System Requirements For Glossy Blacky:

Windows – 7 / Vista / XP – SP3 / Vista SP1 / 2000 – SP3

Mac OS X – 10.6.8 / 10.7 / 10.8
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