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[^15]: Figures are for the limit where all 4-point interactions are taken to be local.

[^16]: The exact decomposition must be checked in each model.

[^17]: Here we assume that $1$-loop is absent. All $1$-loop couplings are proportional to $g$ and we assume $g$ to be small.

[^18]: For even number of components field the Slavnov identity is equivalent to the Trasformations, The equations of motion have to be satisfied and are identically satisfied in this case.

[^19]: Since Trasformations are identity only in $2$-loop order, contributions from ${\cal{A}}_{2n-1}$ are compatible with the $2n$-loop Slavnov identity for $n>1$ only.

[^20]: Here $Z$ is $X$ in Ref.[@Giudice:2008bi]

[^21]: $\beta$-function is not exact but may be an approximation in the infrared.

[^22]: It is not exactly clear, if we are allowed to use lowest-order result for the running of coupling or if we have to do a radiative correction.
Author: MetroDad

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to be a guest on a day of service hosted by the MetroBus system. It is an organization that provides transportation and other services to the people of New York City and this was just another new experience to add to my long list of experiences being at the center of a city.

The MetroBus system is a highly efficient transportation organization. They offer multiple bus lines around the city, linking each and every borough. They have limited super high-speed, electric trolleys running on some of their lines. They are working on a new express bus line, and they manage the whole operation in a way that is quite handy for transit users.

This day of service was on a line that runs through Queens. I left my hotel around 9am and got to the service center in Ast


I tried downloading with the setup file gothic2_fix- but no luck.
The file gothic2_fix- is from the Gothic 2 Steam Service.
I also tried installing playerkit-2.6f.exe but this didn’t work too.
What should I do?
Any help would be appreciated.


The playerkit (2.6f) file and Gothic II Player kit (2.8) are different tools.
The Gothic II Player kit modifies the original Gothic II files to add Steam features, such as Steam cloud saves, and to support user mods created by members of the Gothic II modding scene. It does not modify the original game files for G2 NoTR, but contains system files to aid in installing G2 NoTR’s Engine-moded engine files.
The G2 NoTR engine files you are trying to install are packaged in SystemPack v.1.8, which is for 1.3.2 versions of the Gothic II engine.
When you install the 2.8 version, you must download System Pack 1.8 and install it before installing the G2 NoTR engine.
You can download Gothic II Player Kit (2.8) right now from the Gothic II Player Kit page at Gothic II Player Kit.

Gaillard Loomis Keene

Gaillard Loomis Keene (July 4, 1867 – July 14, 1927) was the son of diplomat John Loomis Keene and nephew of composer John Howard Payne.

Keene graduated from Harvard College in 1888 and Harvard Law School in 1891, after which he worked briefly for a district attorney in Philadelphia, then joined his father’s law firm. He married Mary Anne Babcock (July 14, 1867 – June 18, 1936) in 1900. During World War I, Keene served as an officer with the Judge Advocate General’s Corps of the United States Army (1918–1919).

Keene’s estate, valued at $75,000, was left to Harvard. The funds were to be used to increase the library budget and to give aid to Harvard men who were not then enrolled.

Keene died of kidney disease.



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