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Name Graviteam Tactics: Dawn of Blau
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• 14 German scenarios
• 6 RKKA scenarios
• Detailed scenario editor
• Re-run, Replay and Score attack modes
• Additional historical scenarios
• 6 historical units of the German and the RKKA armies
• Maps of over 60 sq. km
• 9 major airports with their parameters
• Road network with highways, main roads and intersecting roads, as well as roads of the Soviet Union and Germany in 1941
• Individual airfields of the units
• German and RKKA reserves, their equipment, units and headquarters
• All articles used for the planning of the German attack, as well as military orders and reports of the Soviet military command and the German High Command
• Weapons, vehicles and equipment with their parameters
• Battleships and big vessels in the major ports
• Yacht and cruise vessels
• Airbases of the operational commands
• Historical Buildings
• Suburbs, villages, farms, churches
• Flight-lines and air lanes
• ices, avalanches, strong cold winds
• Rivers, lakes, marshlands
• Historical objects
• Land, sea, air and submarine combat missions
• German and RKKA units
• Historical and modern infantry weapons
• Mortars, Katyushas, RMGs, ATGs, ATGMs, RPGs, LAHs, Smerchs, Knast, AT rifles, Sniper rifles, EBRs, StG 44, PTRD, PPSH, BARs, MP40s, M43s, Mosin-Nagants, Vickers machine guns, Brens, Brownings, Brens, Schmeisers, Minens, Schreck, Mausers, Mosins, MG42s, FALs, G3s, SSGs, Schmeisser, Panzerfausts, Panzerfausts, Panzerschrecks, Panzerfausts, Panzerfausts
• 7th Panzer Division:
– Jador Panzerschreck, the one-shot anti-tank mine, used with Panzerfaust.
– Panzerschrecks, ranging 72-120 mm.
– PzKpfw V Panther Ausf B
– Pak 43, a special tank destroyer with a short barreled, 75 mm gun used in the combination with infantry to destroy enemy tanks
– StuG III.
– 3 T-34/85
– 2 SU-85 light tanks


Features Key:

  • Continuation of the mission of the first installment on the same story line
  • A new game engine as the team continues to expand, providing better graphics, higher resolution, and new features
  • 4 new player classes, the Vanthar, the Saikon, the Myrmidon, and the Firetail, each of them with their own style of play
  • All new missions, all new unit cards, and new rewards to try out the new game modes
  • The start of a new event for the Vanthar unit


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At the beginning of the summer of 1942 the German army had conquered a large part of Russia from the Red Army. By D day in July the 6th Army is following the Red Army in a large area in and around Stalingrad. At the same time the RKKA 6 Army forces are trying to slow the German advance.
Two operations of 6 turns, one for the RKKA 6 Army (Volokonovka, July 1-15, 1942) and one for the Wehrmacht 6 Army (Verhnyaya Lubyanka, July 1-7, 1942).
In spring 1942 the
RKKA command staff was under the influence of the assumption that the
German 6th Army will have to be stopped at the Oskol and will not
advance any further. When Germany finally crossed the Oskol, the RKKA 6th Army
command had no time to reorganize their units and moved them in the most disorganized formations on the battlefield.
After the retreat the RKKA command tried to reform their units in the Oskol river area but was not successful.
In the summer of 1942 the Red Army counterattacked again, this time the Germans could not stand against the Red Army and were forced to retreat from the Oskol.
Now you have the opportunity to lead your army in the struggle to save Stalingrad.
The game covers a wide area around the city of Stalingrad, as well as the
river Volga.
You can try two different scenarios:
Campaign Mode.
Battle Mode.
The German army is equipped with tanks, artillery and a variety of vehicles.
The RKKA forces are also well equipped and have a varied force available.
About Graviteam Tactics:
Graviteam Tactics is a Real Time Tactics Strategy game, in which each team can play an offensive or a defensive mission, according to the scenario of the game. Different forces can attack in any direction. Each turn, units can perform actions and then the simulation continues until the end of the turn.
Fully animated battles.
Detailed and intuitive interface.
User can see the map on which the battle is happening.
Very detailed display of unit statistics.
Also features a modern campaign mode, in which you can launch a new mission, with a possible objective, that will be carried out automatically. You will be able to observe the path that your units follow during the battle.


Graviteam Tactics: Dawn Of Blau Crack + Activator [Updated]

Key FeaturesThe Wehrmacht 6 Army is taking command over the western half of the Donbass.The RKKA must successfully repulse this attack to regain control of its land in the south.Dawn of Blau, the July 2, 1942 Operation against the RKKA in the Oskol river area, will unfold in two phases:

In the first phase, German forces will try to establish bridgeheads over the Oskol River.The RKKA will play the role of the defenders.After one week of battle, the operation ends with an additional turn of the clock.

In the second phase, the Wehrmacht 6 Army will attempt to push the RKKA’s front lines into the Rzhevka region.In this phase, the RKKA forces will play the role of defenders.Using resources and manpower gained in the first phase, they will try to reinforce the front lines and repel the attacker.The Germans will have to plan and execute their tactical moves carefully to gain the advantage.The second phase is a great challenge for the defenders and their ability to hold the position.The results depend on quick and well-coordinated defensive actions by the Red Army.

RKKA units:

Organization of the units at the beginning of the game.

Support units:

10 armored cars of the Amvrosiyskaya Cavalry Division, one of the best in the RKKA.Armored cars of the Krasnogradniy Cavalry Division and the Heavy Tank Regiment (LIV), supported by the Dvina Armored Tank Battalion.

Use different camouflage patterns and equipment to mask your tactical position from the enemy.To make more points, you can even use a new camouflage pattern or equipment not included in the game.

The RKKA’s general staff headquarters, the Troops General Staff, has to be located close to the contact line.

Liv, 51st Rifle Corps and 151st Rifle Division.

FABE at 160th Rifle Corps.

Troops General Staff at 227th Rifle Corps.

Burevestnik, 227th Rifle Corps and 227th Tank Brigade.

B-1, 227th Rifle Corps and 227th Tank Brigade.

VII Corps, 133rd Tank Brigade and 3rd Rifle Brigade.

B-6, 227th Rifle Corps and 227th Tank Brigade.

B-6, 227th


What’s new in Graviteam Tactics: Dawn Of Blau:

punkt Urban Combat v1.9.40 Apk

Graviteam Tactics: Dawn of Blaupunkt Urban Combat is a free strategy game and is developed by TomiSoft. In this app you should try to build bases in order to defend the city from attackers. There is now a second faction to join for a comfortable play. The game takes place in 2045 AD. You are one of three factions and each of you are divided into three fireteams. You each have a key point of interest (port, station, airbase, etc) to defend. Each faction can use their own equipment, vehicles and combat units. There is also a new building in this game and I developed one that can help to survive for a long time. I added a new vote action that allows you to shorten the simulation by 5, 10 or 20 minutes. And if you saw the game on facebook you can now also submit your score to a leaderboard.


This app supports MIPI C.O.P.(Dynamate) MIPI D.O.T.(Dynate), as well as Matrix-based Rea3D3Lite.

The Rea3D3Dlite scaling method is supported because I developed the Vulkan backend for Rea3D3Lite.

The Rea3D3Dlite flip method is supported, but it’s not very useful. This is because it doesn’t work well with Rea3D3Lite due to the positioning method.

The Rea3D3Dlite scaling method is supported but it doesn’t work well with BruteForce because it’s not realistic enough to handle the resolution.

(I’m currently working on the Rea3D3Lite geometry research)

Rea3D3Lite compatibility / Supported mode:

Sorry, we’ll be able to add this flexibility only with DSO.

Rea3D3Lite is in the beta version and still unstable. Please give it more time. I’ll consider changing the Rea3D3Dlite scaling method in 3.0, but can’t promise this.

Note: I will also work on it again when I have time.

If you have seen the RDA, REALITE, and REA3


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