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1. Ophthalmology Calculator was designed to be an easy to use professional application. The main features of the software are:

2. Adjustment of IOL power depending on corneal power and astigmatism;

3. Displaying the IOL calculation results with graphs and tables;

4. Utilizing the proprietary database of actual IOL constants;

5. Exploring hundreds of IOL constants by changing the lens constants one by one and observing the results;

6. Separating the haptic into five types;

7. The ability to read the IOL constants’ meaning;

8. Text to speech feature;

9. Comprehensive guide to the IOL constants;

10. An advanced astigmatic change vector analysis tool.

The Ophthalmology Calculator has been developed in accordance with the clinical and scientific information presented in the literature. The software also includes hundreds of IOL constants and complex IOLs.

1. Astigmatism:

– The minimum axis angle of the Astigmatic change vector is set to 5°- the maximum is set to 180°.

– The minimum axis tilt is set to 0° – the maximum is set to 360°.

– The values that are above 180°, and the values that are below 0° are clamped to the values that were used for the calculation.

– The values that are above or below 180° are set to the values that are specified in the dialog window.

– The value for the total Astigmatic change is calculated as the square root of the sum of the squares of the values of Astigmatic change that are above the minimum axis angle.

2. Corneal Power:

– The minimum corneal power is set to 1.70 D- the maximum is set to 23.0 D.

– The values that are above or below 23.0 D are clamped to the values that were used for the calculation.

– The value for the corneal power is calculated as the inverse of the square root of the sum of the squares of the values of corneal power that are above the minimum.

3. The IOL constants:

– The minimum value for the power of the IOL is set to 2.00 D, and the maximum is set to 20.00 D.

– The maximum value for the power of the IOL eea19f52d2

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