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Advanced PC Cleanup – PC Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Startup Manager and MORE:

Advanced PC Cleanup!The Ultimate PC cleaner program for Windows!

Advanced PC Cleanup!Scheduled maintenance of your system and applications
You don’t need to pay a professional IT technician to schedule maintenance on your PC, and with this program you get a set of functions you need to perform. Advanced PC Cleanup! will schedule basic maintenance tasks such as security, performance, and regular backups. It even has advanced functions such as a secure file shredder, registry cleaner, startup manager, program uninstaller, and a drive monitor. These are just some of the tools included in this user-friendly program.

Advanced PC Cleanup!"Advanced PC Cleaner"
What can "Advanced PC Cleaner" do?

Advanced PC Cleaner is a top-of-the-line solution for PC maintenance and clean-up. It will help keep your PC clean and running well.

Advanced PC Cleaner!"Advanced Startup Manager"
What can "Advanced Startup Manager" do?

The program will allow you to create a custom scan that will regularly perform scans of your system.

Advanced PC Cleaner!"Secure Shredder"
What can "Secure Shredder" do?

This tool will help you securely erase the contents of your hard drive, and is ideal for those who want to destroy confidential or incriminating information.

Advanced PC Cleaner!"System Monitoring"
What can "System Monitoring" do?

Use this tool to check your computer for any errors and conflicts.

Advanced PC Cleaner!"System Restore"
What can "System Restore" do?

With this feature, you can easily go back to a previous working state of your system.

Advanced PC Cleaner!"Drive Monitor"
What can "Drive Monitor" do?

You can monitor the health of your system by checking for errors, conflicts and what files have been recently modified or moved.

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Recording from all the most popular audio devices in just a few clicks with all the recording features you need.
This free recording application records from various audio sources – Microphones, Microphones with a headset, Line-in, Line-out, Speakers, Line-out, Line-in, Line-out and Speakers.
There is no need to use a separate application for each device as it combines all the features from the most popular audio input and output devices and much more. You can easily create an audio recording without using any additional software and just a few steps of the recording process.
Create your own unique audio moments with the recording app!
Create an audio recording from any audio source – line-in, microphone, Skype, Internet radio, Music and more, right from your computer. You can record almost every moment of your life, and it’s all for free.
Just attach an audio device to your computer and start the recording. Record up to 30 minutes uninterrupted at any length and save the recording directly into MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, or FLAC format.
You can also re-record a part of the track using the on-screen controls. Simply press the record button and you’re ready to record a new part or stop the recording.
Record audio from various audio input and output devices – line-in, mic, speakers, Skype mic, Line-out, Line-in, Line-out and Speakers.
Record from Internet radio and streams, online radios from BBC, Music from Pandora, Internet FM, internet radio from Nicki Minaj, news radio and more.
You can also record phone calls using the built-in Skype call recorder.
Convert your recordings to other formats – MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC, AC3, M4A, AAC, AAC-LC and AIFF.
Record any music playing using the built-in or external equalizer. You can also use the recording app to record music from Internet radios, online radios from BBC, Music from Pandora, Internet FM, Internet radio from Nicki Minaj, and more.
Record any phone call using the built-in or external audio recorder.
Select your audio input device – line-in, microphone, speakers, Skype mic, Line-out, Line-in, Line-out and Speakers.
Record music from any audio output device – speakers, headphones, line-out, line-in and