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## What You’re Not to Read This book focuses on Photoshop’s layer-based tools. If you’re not familiar with the basics of Photoshop, the chapters in Parts I and II of this book might seem to skip over the details that you need to have basic knowledge of to use the program. However, if you already know how layers work in Photoshop, you can simply read the subsections on how to use the layer tools found in Part III in order to complete the exercises. Finally, I don’t cover all the Photoshop features that the program offers. For example, I don’t cover how to use Adobe Bridge, Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe Lightroom, or other related products, and I focus only on the features that are needed to edit an image in Photoshop.

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Once you have a.PSD file, you need to import it in Photoshop. You need to do so with the appropriate options and apply settings. Otherwise, Photoshop Elements will use the default settings that will not work properly. After editing, you must export the picture to the chosen format. Remember that you must always save your files! Step 1. Open your images in Photoshop Elements. Open your.PSD file in Photoshop Elements. To open a file, locate the file on your computer. Then click on it and choose Open. Step 2. Import the images. In Photoshop Elements click the image to import it. In the Import section, you need to create a new Photoshop document. Check the Apply settings to all of the new image options. Set the size and resolution of the imported image. Step 3. Save the picture. Click File > Save. Choose a path and save the image. Tip: In case you want to change the color or look of the image, in the image layers, you will find various adjustments that you can adjust. You need to do so by using the tools present in the toolbox. Open a new image in Photoshop Elements and click File > Open. Step 4. Save the image. In the Layers panel, click File > Save. Choose a path and save the image. Step 5. Change the image. Using tools present in the toolbox, you can make changes to your image. Click on the tool you want to use and drag to the needed area of the image. Then, you need to click Set and select the chosen adjustment. Alternatively, you can use the tools located at the right side of the window. To edit an image, choose Edit > Transform > Warp. Make sure the image has text or other layers that need to be kept. The command will make changes to the whole image. Step 6. Save your image. In the Layers panel, click File > Save. Step 7. Apply new settings In the Edit > Preferences dialog box, select the Preset you want to apply. Keep in mind that you need to apply a different preset for each image. In case you want to apply a new custom preset or an action, click on the icon next to Presets/Actions. For example, Step 8. Export your image 05a79cecff

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