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No, not a trick, a legit way to get robux. Wednesday, January 20, 2018 So, you are tired of the traditional way of earning robux on Roblox. The usual way is by playing games. You need to play a lot of games to earn robux in a day. But eventually this becomes just a waste of your time since you have to wait for hours or even days to get some robux from the games. We don’t want to discourage you to play games. After all, playing games is a fun time pass in Roblox. So I think you are absolutely right in trying to find a free robux without depending on playing games. So, I have searched and I have found a way. Yes, it is possible. This is the way to generate robux without depending on playing games. Here, it is possible to generate robux without playing games. It can be said that it is not a way to generate robux on roblox, because it doesn’t use any part of the Roblox site. But it is possible to make some money on Roblox for free. And there is no need to wait for hours or even days to get some robux from games. It is a totally different way to earn robux on Roblox. It is called on Robux Generator. What is Robux Generator? Robux Generator is the name of this special robux generator. It is a software-based way to generate robux on Roblox. Now, what do we mean by software-based? It means it is something like this. Let’s say, it is similar to a tool that can be found in web. It can be said that on Robux Generator, it uses Roblox site to generate robux. But you don’t need to log into the Roblox site to use Robux Generator. You don’t need to connect the Roblox account to use Robux Generator. Also, it is not a browser-based tool. It means that you don’t need to input your passwords to use it. You don’t need to connect it to the internet in any way. Now, it is about the way to generate robux using Robux Generator on Roblox. So, how to generate robux using Robux Generator on


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