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Hunspell was designed as a spell checker and morphological analyzer library.
It is an application that was built for languages with a rich morphology and complex compounding or character encoding.
Hunspell is the spell checker of LibreOffice, and Firefox 3 & Thunderbird, Google Chrome, and it is also used by proprietary software, like Mac OS X, memoQ, Opera and SDL Trados.







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* Patented Regular Expression Search
* Optimized Dictionary Search
* Software engine
* Compound word analysis
* Morphological analyzer
* Smart word detection
* New Spell Checker and Morphological analyzer

I’m not quite sure if it works for that.
How did you found out, that it doesn’t work?
If it doesn’t work, maybe you can ask this question at the hunspell mailing-list.
More information on the mailing-list:
Best regards,

I am trying to get text summarization to work with hunspell.
However, when using Hunspell to generate the dictionary from a text file the process is not completing.
Does anyone have any ideas of what is going on?
An example of the output is here:

American English dictionary
American English dictionary

American English dictionary


American English dictionary

Even if I cut out the output the process never completes.
I am thinking of using the General Dict file and just cutting out the word dictionaries. Does anyone have any thoughts on what is going on?

I am trying to get the text summarization to work with hunspell.
How can I get Hunspell to generate the dictionary from a txt file, I already have the files in my folder but Hunspell doesn’t seem to read it.
Here is an example of the errors:


The spell checker of LibreOffice, and Firefox 3 & Thunderbird, Google Chrome, and it is also used by proprietary software, like Mac OS X, memoQ, Opera and SDL Trados.

Description of Hunspell Library:

Hunspell is an open source library for a morphological analyzer and a spell checker. It has no database backend; only a spell dictionary. The dictionary can be built using the Hunspell C++ API or the Hunspell Python API. In both cases, no special data needs to be loaded into memory.
Examples for C++ API:
Examples for Python API:
Hunspell Types of output:
• Analyzer. Detected morphological form.
• Spellchecker. Checks if the input string contains errors.
Hunspell Library Features:
• Inflect. Allows modifying a word’s inflectional form.
• Taglength. Allows getting the number of phonetic segments in a word.
• Inflection. Allows getting the inflectional form of a word.
• Affix. Allows getting an affix for a word.
• Compound. Allows getting the compounds for a word.
• Collation. Allows getting the sort order for a word.
Hunspell Debug Types of output:
• Language. Detect the language of the word.
• Alphabet. Detect the alphabet of the word.
• Punctuation. Detect punctuation characters in the word.
• Prefix. Detect the prefixes of the word.
• Suffix. Detect the suffixes of the word.
• Inflection. Detect the inflectional form of the word.

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* It’s designed to be fast and complete, with little duplication of functionality
* It is extensible and embeddable into other application as a spell checker or a morphological analyzer
* Written in C, it is portable (runs on Windows, Linux, OS/2, OS/X, FreeBSD and more, thanks to libiconv)
* It has a rich set of features, with a focus on correctness, accuracy, and availability of features in various languages and characters
* It is released under the GPL license Changes:

* Tested on 4.1.4 and 4.1.5 and all the versions of LibreOffice available on the repositories for Debian/Ubuntu and Fedora 13 and 14. It should work on all of them.
* 3.4.2 is not supported.
* Bugfix: While it still works with 3.2, it may have an issue with 3.1
* Added support for 3.3
* Bugfix: Support for language with ffi and compound words in alpha, numeral, umlaut Changes:

* Changes made for Unicode 8, these changes were done for 3.3.0, and LibreOffice 2.6
* Bugfix: Star decision tree tree, which generated with error message
* Bugfix: Generated document with additional characters Changes:

* bug fix in the word list Changes:

* bug fix in the list of words to look up Changes:

* New features: support for 3.3
* New features: spell checking
* New features: support for Unicode 5.1 and 6.0
* New features: support for 2.4.1 and LibreOffice 2.4.1
* New features: validation
* New features: customization
* New features: spell checking interface
* New features: option to enable autofill
* New features: option to correct the words
* New features: option to update the wordlist
* New features: option to save the current file to a new one without overwriting it
* New

What’s New in the?

Some of the things you can do with hunspell:
* Spell check
* Run some simple morphological analysis
* Run full formal analysis of a language, like POS tagging, parsing,
stemming, homology, etc.
* Perform language detection, e.g., from an IPA transcription
* Identify which words have different forms in different languages
* Obtain language similarity statistics
* Determine how words are related
* Perform word breaking
* Calculate mean frequency of usage in a text
* Detect word types
* Detect collocation, proximity and cohesion
* Perform a language learning exercise
If you want to browse the source-code of hunspell, please visit the
Hunspell Development Page.


* Added new exotic copulas for Spanish, Portuguese and Italian
* The Arabic morphological analyzer now supports the copulative,
emphatic and ablative cases
* Various cases have been added for Italian, including a
pedestal and a genitive form
* The Spanish morphological analyzer now supports the ablative,
specialized ablative and generalized ablative cases, the circumstantial
and distal ablative cases, the possessive and the advcl
* The Italian morphological analyzer now supports the ablative,
emphatic and genitive cases
* More characters have been added to the Hebrew and Arabic input
* Several sound changes in various languages like Georgian, Thai and
Japanese have been detected in the latin-tongue module
* The arabic and hebrew morphological analyzer can now handle sentential
* The OCR support in hunspell has been improved
* The robustness of hunspell has been improved
* The Spanish morphological analyzer can now detect the periphrasis
and the periphrastic forms
* The arabic morphological analyzer can now handle abbreviations in
verbal compounds (like saying “ta’alal”)
* The syntax analyzer can be used to determine the parts of speech for
particular words
* The Portuguese morphological analyzer now supports the ablative,
emphatic and generalized ablative cases, the circumscriptive, the
subjunctival and the allative cases
* The coherence module now has various pronominal and reflexive affixes
in Finnish
* The Spanish morphological analyzer has been slightly

System Requirements For Hunspell:

Additional Requirements:
-Buy anywhere, anytime!
-Supports a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets!
-Includes 2 separate E-ZControls (left and right controllers) that can be used on your own or together.
-Optional Raspberry Pi (or any other Linux based microcontroller) and Odroid (or other x86 based Microcontroller)
Getting Started
Update to the latest version of the app using the inbuilt feature. Alternatively you can download the latest.apk file