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LDraw is a comprehensive suite that is specially designed for LEGO aficionados who want to create 3D models, keep track of the current projects they completed or have a full list of the parts they required to complete their pending models.
Comes with a clean, well-structured and intuitive GUI
The setup is straightforward and simple, but it can take up to a few minutes depending on your PC resources and the size of the library you want to install. Upon launch, you are welcomed by a clear and user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and understand, regardless of your computer skills.
While the application is solely a viewer, it is worth mentioning that you can use the LCAD rendering tool to create models from scratch or edit the ones you already have stored as images on your computer.  The editor allows to group pieces together, change their colors, add new parts and scripts to them, just to name a few of the possibilities.
Allows you to keep track of parts and create new models
It is worth mentioning that the application is capable of displaying a complete list of parts that you need to complete a full model. The feature can be especially useful if you obtained the model from other sources and you intend to build it yourself.
Not only does it provide you with the information about the number and code, but also the right hue and quantity, an option that can save you a lot of time in the long run. As a side note, in case you need more info about a part, then you can consider looking for it on developer’s website or forum.
A useful utility for anyone who enjoys building with LEGO bricks
Regardless of whether you are looking for a parts organizer, need a flexible tool where you can draw the next model you intend to make or you just want to build LEGO models and scenes, Ldraw can come in handy.Un projet de loi s’apprête à être mis aux voix mercredi prochain, qui permettra à une vingtaine de chefs d’État de convoquer un référendum sur le référendum de 1995, c’est-à-dire près de deux décennies après.

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Learn how to set up, customize and distribute a standalone PHP application in minutes.
Build a desktop application in just a few clicks and with a few mouse clicks.
Build a dynamic web application with ease, and focus on writing quality code and not on the number of lines of code.
Build a WPF application by using a simple markup format.
No coding or graphics skills are needed.


File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is one of the most popular and secure protocols for file transfer and web hosting, but it’s far from being perfect. These days, a lot of malicious FTP servers still exist, so it’s a good idea to check an FTP server’s safety and reliability before setting up a successful FTP service.

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How to create automated tests to determine the number of matches in SQL Server

Today we will see how to create automated tests to determine the number of matches in SQL Server.

So, what are automated tests?

An automated test is a software testing method in which scripts are written to test a specific set of instructions. The scripts are run by a process known as a test case, which could be a script written in a programming language, an application or some other software.

Assume that we have a simple example table that contains a few rows. The table contains an ID, an author’s name and a content in different languages. The content could be anything from a short description to a novel or a small paragraph.

We have already encountered several SQL commands that can help us to count the matches between two strings in the content column. In our case, there are two useful SQL commands:

These commands can help us to count the matches in two columns and they will be extremely useful in our automated tests.

How to use these commands

To start the counting process, we first need to write a script or a procedure that will load the content into memory and then run these two commands. The procedure could be written in any language like Python,.NET or PHP, but for the purpose of our test, we will write the procedure in T-SQL.

The procedure will