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The dos of a super project manager: first of all, be humble! Second: make sure you keep at least one foot on the ground. During an agile transition the project manager fills up the air – and often needs to fly to merkle. The best agile transition has a project manager that’s eye on the ground, without missing the agile flying fruit.
Be an expert at the communication handling. If a tester posts an question on a social media channel, press 99d5d0dfd0

You can search for any string given into the text box that is at the top of the application. You can also filter your Tip database by category, file name, strings, comment and name.

For Example: if you type About… in the search textbox you will see a list of tips on About commands.

P.S. I’ve updated it again to it 2.2 version, and fixed some small bugs, this version has new features. (New: