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FreePDF Creator is a small software solution designed to help you create PDFs from any printable files.
The user interface is simple and you should get used to working with this program very quickly. It’s got a clean layout and thanks to its overall simplicity it can be used by both novices and experts.
In order to create PDFs you should open any printable file and then select FreePDF Creator as your virtual printer. Hence, you can effortlessly convert files into PDFs. You can also choose an output location where your new files should be stored.
It is possible to select the output quality (low, middle or high quality) or you can customize it according with your preferences by specifying PDF resolution and color.
FreePDF Creator can also perform several actions once the conversion process comes to an end, such as sending the output file as an attachment using your default email client or simply open it with an installed PDF viewer.
The program comes packed with an encryption feature, which allows you to add passwords and to set up file restrictions for printing or copying and modifying contents or annotations.
Since it’s only able to create PDFs using a virtual PDF print driver, FreePDF Creator can be basically used with any third-party text editor that supports the print feature. Hence, you can use the app with WordPad, Paint, Office or any other program.
The app manages to perform each task very quickly and no errors showed up during our testing.
To sum up, FreePDF Creator is a small but efficient tool that allows you to create PDFs from any printable files.

Inkdotsprint 3.15.6
InkDotsprint is a print-to-cloud printing software designed to send and receive documents to and from cloud-based printers, faxes, and file servers using secure and direct connection to the printers.
The app enables you to print any document without the need to install the printer driver on your computer. It supports multiple protocols and supports any printer that is connected to a Windows 7 or later OS.
You can also add a PDF file as the default printer and all your other documents will appear there. You can also convert files to PDF and send them as attachments.
In order to use the app you should connect a printer to your computer and select it in the list of printers. You will then be able to send and receive documents from the app.
The app comes packed with several useful features, including PDF conversion, text formatting and content modification tools 6e8feb22df

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OsMonitor works as an effective monitoring utility that can block specific websites and prevent multiple program installations on the local PC. By using the latest anti-spyware software to scan all the installed programs on the local PC or workstation, it monitors your network card traffic, applications, as well as real-time screenshots.
This program offers various options to block inappropriate web content like:
– Domains (URLs)
– IP Addresses
– Tags and Strings
– Program name
– Program icons
– File name
– Window name
– Program version
– Program shortcuts
– Remarks
– Webcam snapshots
– Handy log files generator
OsMonitor allows you to monitor your entire workstation by using a web browser with a text-based interface. For example, you can open a URL on the browser to view the output of the software and connect to a certain computer for tracking that computer’s activity.
As stated above, this software allows you to block websites by excluding tags and strings. Moreover, it can also block certain websites, based on IP addresses, domains, programs or URLs.
Furthermore, it can be configured to display those logs on the browser of your choice. You can also add different handlers that will take care of your job, such as placing a custom message on the browser, opening a file or opening a URL.
In addition to that, this software can be configured to block external programs by excluding certain window names or names of files. The list of programs can be updated by the user based on the file or URL name he/she sees in the browser.
You can specify the number of times to re-scan a file/URL by the application, and filter the list of installed programs based on names or window titles. Note that some parameters can only be specified once, so they will not be saved by the software.
Similar to the Nifty tool, this software offers an integrated log file generator. Furthermore, you can have different log file names based on your choice.
The following table summarizes all the features of this program:
* Block websites by excluding tags and strings
* Allow browsing only specific websites
* Block programs based on excluded windows names
* Block programs based on excluded files/URLs
* Generate logs for each file/URL
* Generate logs for each program
* Browse logs and reports
* Add custom message on the browser
* Browse logs
* Custom