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Other image editing applications, such as GIMP (discussed in Chapter 19) and Apple’s iPhoto (discussed in Chapter 21), also do basic editing that’s similar to Photoshop. However, these aren’t true image-editing programs, but rather image-viewing programs with some features for working with images. As a result, they don’t have as many features as Photoshop does. Programming Photos Photos on the Web, especially those that are in the public domain, are ripe for theft of images, text, and so on. Therefore, whenever you create a photo or edit one, make sure that you have a copyright license that protects your work. Most commonly, these licenses enable you to place a copyright notice with your work on the Web as well as to make a hard copy for your own files. Sometimes these licenses may include a watermark that identifies the photographer. You can also use Photoshop for a wide variety of web, graphic, and print design tasks. It’s a great tool, but expect to spend time learning how to use it. Photoshop is definitely a tool for professionals, but even a modest skill with it can enable you to do jobs much faster than you’d be able to do them in a graphics program. Photoshop has many built-in functions to assist you in editing and designing a variety of media, including the following: Editing photos Creating CD-ROMs, disc label templates, and DVD-ROM design templates Creating brochure designs and templates Making designs for a wide variety of print media Making Web graphics Adding special effects to photos Resizing, rotating, scaling, inverting, blurring, and softening photos Of course, there’s also a lot of free online help to help you get started with Photoshop. For instance, ``. The following sections walk you through the process of creating a photo in Photoshop. Basic stuff Each image you create in Photoshop is represented by a layer. Photoshop has three different sizes of layers, which are especially important when you create projects that incorporate text and an image onto the same layer. You can create a layer of any size, and it’s represented by a box inside the Layers palette. Figure 20-6 shows a layer represented by a box. Photoshop offers lots of features for you to play with your layers, and even more

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Adobe Photoshop costs $900. It is available for just one platform. You can’t use it on your Android, your iPad, etc. The app is only available on Mac OS and Windows systems. You can use Mac Books (mid- to late-2011 or early 2012 models), MacBook Pro 13′ and MacBook Air 13′ (early 2011 models), MacBook Pro 15′ (2012 model), MacBook Pro with Retina display (early 2015 model), MacBook Pro 13′ (late 2012 model), MacBook Pro 15″ (early 2015 model), MacBook Pro 13′ (mid 2013 model), and MacBook Pro with Retina display 12′ (mid 2012 model) to view and use the Photoshop Elements app. You can also use older Macs. You cannot use Photoshop Elements on your Android, iPhone, iPad, or iPad Pro, or on a Windows system. If you do want to edit your photos on your iPad Pro, you can use Adobe Photoshop Express. Photoshop Express only works on iOS 11 and macOS 10.14. Do you use Photoshop, Elements, or both? Do you prefer the Windows or Mac version of Photoshop? Adobe Photoshop costs $900. It’s only available for Windows systems. Adobe Photoshop Elements costs $120, and it’s available for the Mac and Windows systems. What is Photoshop Elements? Blaise Nussbaum-Plassmann created Photoshop Elements in 1998. The original Photoshop Elements was an easy to use image editor for photographers. Photoshop Elements is part of the Creative Cloud family of apps. All new hardware and operating systems automatically update Adobe Photoshop Elements. What does the software cost? The price of Photoshop Elements has changed over the years. For the last few years, Adobe Photoshop Elements costs $120. What are the version numbers for Photoshop Elements? Elements 12 – 2016 Elements 11 – 2016 Elements 10 – 2016 Elements 9.0 – 2016 Elements 9.5 – 2016 Elements 9.0 – 2015 Elements 9.5 – 2015 Elements 9.0 – 2015 Elements 9 – 2014 Elements 9.5 – 2014 Elements 9 – 2014 Elements 8 – 2014 Elements 8.5 – 2014 Elements 8.5 – 2014 Elements 8 – 2014 Elements 8.0 – 2014 E 05a79cecff

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