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One of the best features of DUNE 3 is its ability to save you from typing in many specific parameters. Instead of typing in a MIDI note, you can simply assign a specific key to control the first oscillator. In this way, you can move faster and keep your performance more efficient.

The same thing applies to the oscillators themselves, and this isn’t limited to the first one, either. Just type in the parameters for oscillator 2, and you’ll be free to create and shape your waveforms with ease.

Of course, DUNE 3 also works with MIDI. You can set it up so that a particular modulation is performed when a MIDI note is triggered, but you can also assign a MIDI note to control a specific synth parameter. For example, if you assign the note F5 to a specific step, then you can turn it on and off whenever you want with a simple MIDI command.

DUNE 3 is also the only soft synth that offers two LFOs simultaneously, and the default settings are both quite useful. Each LFO can be synced with a control or a specific note. For example, you can synced the first LFO to a control that enables you to shape the second oscillator in specific ways, or you can sync the first LFO to a specific note on a piano keyboard. All of these options are intuitive, and you can play with them very easily. You can also record your own user pattern that you can easily assign to a given key on a MIDI keyboard.

When it comes to user patterns, DUNE 3 offers a surprising amount of possibilities. You can assign different user patterns to each of the six MIDI notes on a keyboard, and each key has a total of nine dedicated patterns. You can also assign multiple user patterns to one control, and even change the user pattern as often as you like.

Each of the nine different user patterns has two parameters, and all of them have a strong effect on the oscillators. The first user pattern is usually set to BPM, and it controls the oscillators in a way that makes them play in an easy way. The second user pattern usually moves the oscillators a little bit, and the third and the fourth ones usually change the oscillators’ modulation range.

The other four user patterns usually create different distortions that can range from subtle to extreme, and they’re useful for adding more sonic effects to your tracks. You can assign a user pattern to 384a16bd22

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Keyframe creation for all sorts of actions
Export a selection
Thumbnail creation
Settings to keep the result in a variety of formats
Movie indexing
Size settings
Video and audio synchronization
Frame setting
Frame rate setting
Video effects
Text formatting
Crop and resample
Source definition
Image manipulation
Image segmentation
Stretching of images
Video composition
Video effect filter
Video and audio editing
Audio effects
Glyph creation
Video size and frame rate control
Change font, font size, and font color
Color adjustment and change
Splitting the file
Video options
Audio options
Video filtering
Video output options
Audio output options
Interactive video filters
Camera overlay
Use any video editor
Use any audio editor
Use any video player
Create your own filters
Encode a selection
Audio tools
A large variety of video and audio filters
Various video effects
The only problem is the same one that has plagued avidemux ever since it was initially released back in 2002. For some unknown reason, it crashes and freezes on us on a regular basis, and we haven’t found a solution to this problem yet.

The developer of Avidemux has been kind enough to explain some of its core features in a video tutorial:

This tutorial is only for Avidemux 2.6. The features offered by Avidemux 1.6 differ in many respects from the version 2. Avidemux 2.6 is faster, offers more powerful compression options, and supports many more formats, but it lacks some features, such as resolution and frame rate control.
If you’re interested in Avidemux 1.6, you can still download the old version for free (the latest version is free as well, of course).


2008-11-04: Version 2.6.0

New features:
* VST support (will be distributed with Avidemux 2.6.0).
* GPU video filters.
* Mux-and-split utility has been rewritten.
* Updater now supports windows installer and MSI and can download and unzip additional update file.
* When changing AVI/OGG/FLV/MP4 settings in project menu, changes in audio file automatically affect the video files as well.
* Video/audio properties are displayed when the project is closed.
* Freezes are fixed.

* After selecting the size