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In computing, jellyfish or aquanoid is a subgroup of non-recursive,
self-similar fractals (a type of fractal set), in the shape of a flower
(or flowerpot). They are named after the jellyfish, a member of the
phylum Cnidaria, which also includes jellyfish.

These trees are created with a simple method. Start with a single pixel, then expand it pixel by pixel, and when it is the same color as the surrounding pixels, retain it. If it changes color, you have to start again with a new image. To see more detail, just reduce the “resolution”.
A perfect example is here, a 256×256 (16×16) jellyfish:

Behavior of white-tailed deer and mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) in a combined wildlife-livestock area in Maine.
Sixty-seven deer (33 mule deer [Odocoileus hemionus] and 34 white-tailed deer [Odocoileus virginianus]) were captured in the same crop field at the Belgrade Agricultural Research Station, Morovis, Puerto Rico. Of these, 49 deer (42 deer and 7 mule deer) were managed by means of GPS radio-tracking devices with an aerial drop of collars. Data were collected on trap and trap-catch interactions between deer and traps, number of plants consumed, number of defecations on plants, and the distance traveled. All plants (nonleguminous) were within the range of 5.00-9.99 kg/plant dry matter (DM) and all were large, woody plants (14.74 trees/ha). Both deer species consumed a similar range of plants (1.08-3.38 trees/animal). White-tailed deer produced 1.49 defecations/day, while mule deer produced 1.50 defecations/day. Time to capture was not associated with the management of deer, but was associated with sex, with females 384a16bd22

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