Kaspersky Reset Trial V5.1.0.35 Final – [Softhound] Free [UPD] Download

Kaspersky Reset Trial V5.1.0.35 Final – [Softhound] Free [UPD] Download

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Kaspersky Reset Trial V5.1.0.35 Final – [Softhound] Free Download

kaspersky reset trial v5.1.0.35 final – [softhound] anti-virus program for resetting the trial (licensed) period (activation restoration) of popular anti-virus solutions: avast!, avira, avast! Antivirus, avira, avast! Internet Security, avira antivirus pro and kaspersky rescue disk. using this utility, you can reset the trial (license) for such programs as: avast! 4, Avast! 5 Avast! 6, avira 8, avira 9, avira 10, avira 11, avira 12 and kaspersky rescue disk 10 (for Kaspersky versions 2010-2011).


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