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This is a standalone (not integrated into Audiosurf) windows based player that allows you to make playlists of songs. You can make playlists by entering music urls, filenames or paths. When you select a song from the playlist, the song will be played. You can select between three different modes of playback (Auto, Pro, Extreme). In mode Pro, when the playlists ends, the next song will automatically start playing. In mode Extreme, if the playlist ends with no song playing, the player will open another playlist in a new window. You can save your playlists as.m3u playlists and play them in Audiosurf using the “playlist” option.
This is a standalone player, and does not require Audiosurf or Audiosurf Player to be installed.

To install Audiosurf Player, extract the downloaded package and place it in any folder.
Unzip the AudiosurfPlayer-
Extract the content from the zip into AudiosurfPlayer- file.
Open the AudiosurfPlayer- file.
Click on the Install button.
A window will open and install the program.
Open the AudiosurfPlayer- file.
Click on the “Finish” button.
All the necessary folders and files will be installed into the “AudiosurfPlayer” folder.
If you are having problems installing, or would like to troubleshoot the installation, follow these steps:
1.If you already have Audiosurf installed, check if it’s working by launching the program. If not, remove the Audiosurf folder and files from C:\Program Files (x86)\Audiosurf.
2.If you don’t have Audiosurf installed, download the latest version here:

Copy the entire “Audiosurf” folder to the location of your choice (C:\Program Files\AudioSurf).
Launch the.msi file, and follow the on-screen instructions.

There are no limitations on how you can use AudiosurfPlayer 1.0. 30ed912023

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Active@ KillDisk is an essential application for recovering data from corrupted and disabled volumes and files on your hard disk. This small utility has been designed to allow users to securely erase specific sections of a disk or permanently remove data from logical partitions and physical drives.
Start recovering deleted data from physical disk drives by overwriting its sectors or wipe unused data on any partition, volume, free space or disk area with the help of Active@ KillDisk. The software operates in stealth mode and will not be visible in the task manager.
Active@ KillDisk securely overwrites data on a disk or scrub the inactive space with advanced sanitation methods. From standard overwriting to a full disk scrub, this disk cleaner can be configured to prevent the recovery of deleted data by various disk errors, which is essential for sensitive sectors or files.
Active@ KillDisk supports multiple sanitization standards and there are currently over 25 different methods that are available. To find the right one for your scenario, just select one of the available options in the settings area. You can also verify the progress of the cleanup operation by checking the number of read and write retry attempts, with custom labels printed on the disks. You can even recover the entire data of a volume or partition with the help of various methods, including RAID, MFT, URE and Secure Zeroing.
This tool also includes a built-in file browser and scanning functionality that allows you to see all the existing files and folders on a disk. You can then selectively wipe sectors or clusters that belong to the file system or free space on any partition, volume, or area on the disk. In addition, Active@ KillDisk can remove all user data or empty the Recycle Bin. This disk cleaning tool supports both physical and logical drives, both internal and external devices, and the process is non-destructive.
Additional features are available in the settings area. For instance, you can configure the number of read and write retry attempts, set up email notifications, or create a bootable disk to host the Active@ KillDisk executable.

The hardware components for PCs are essential parts, and your computer’s components should not be overlooked, lest they are not working properly. This is why hardware maintenance can be quite important, as they ensure that your system continues to run at optimal performance. This is because a computer’s hardware is the main reason why it is able to run certain programs, and if there is any problem with it, the software may not be