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• Free application for keeping notes,
• Optimized for older and slower hardware,
• Quickly access and search notes,
• It works with images, documents and spreadsheets,
• Export and back up to save data,
• Includes a big database of special symbols and Unicode control characters,
• Great on netbooks,
• Work with mobile and tablets,
• Fast start-up and application,
• Great interface,
• On Windows Phone,
• Run without installation,
• Free trial download available.
Key Features of KeepNote for Windows 7 Portable
• Keep notes for free. Create your own texts in one view easily and get quick access to them.
• High performance. KeepNote is a fully optimized app and will run fast on low performance hardware.
• Keep notes in any of your favorite Windows folders. No special locations or registry settings.
• Support for rich documents, images, and webpages.
• Special characters, symbols, and Unicode control characters.
• Can add files like zip archives, pictures, Microsoft Office documents, text files, webpages.
• Tabbed interface. Each notebook file can be treated as a tabbed window.
• Insert multilingual HTML and Unicode characters.
• Takes more than 100 notes. You can organize them into folders, and view them as a tree.
• You can search all notes and perform operations on them.
• Easily switch between panes.
• Undo and redo operations.
• Colorful and customizable panel.
• Add a password to any notebook file.
• Keep your notes in different view modes, like lists, code, raw text, HTML.
• Automatic updates and compact index.
• HTML export, Back up and restore to make sure your notes are always kept in good condition.
• Storing notes for offline viewing. Access them in your notes while you are disconnected.
• Change background color, font, size, and other formatting options for notes.
• Integration with third-party applications. Using context menu, you can insert notes from most applications.
• Call a web URL and make your web pages appear as notebooks. Add a file, insert pictures and so on.
• Unlimited notebooks. It is possible to create as many notebooks as you need.
• Open multiple notebooks at the same time.
• Extract the program to a portable storage drive. Run the program on another PC without installation and registration.
• Easy use.

KeepNote Portable Crack + With License Key 2022

KeepNote Portable is a portable version of the popular KeepNote notebook software. KeepNote is a free multi-platform, multi-language (English, French, German) application for organizing notes or any other types of information. KeepNote enables you to save notes and bookmark webpages, export notes in HTML format, and search and edit notes.
Ease of Use:
The first impression of KeepNote Portable is that it’s very easy to use. It has a clean, intuitive, and straightforward interface. You can easily add new pages, open existing notes, and search for words or notes in the list. The program’s keyboard shortcuts are automatic when you’re typing text or clicking buttons.
Adding New Pages:
To start working on a new note, you only need to click the Add New Page button in the toolbar. You can create a Notebook, a Child Page, a Child Page with a Page Break, a Child Page with a Title Page, a Child Page with a Folder and Page Break, or one Child Page with a text area and a Page Break. You can also import a new page from other programs, import content from a web page, or paste text from Word.
You can search for text in the current page or all pages. The index will automatically be updated when you search or add more pages, so it’s easy to find notes and other resources. On the right, you can view your notebooks, export them as HTML, edit the notebook search field, close, copy, paste, or share the active page.
You can also apply effects to text, insert bullets, change text alignment, insert a text cursor, set the background color, choose fonts, insert a horizontal line, and insert images. You can also compress all pages in a notebook, export it to HTML, and open your notes from a URL or a hyperlink.
Updating Content:
To edit text or a Notebook, you need to click the arrow at the bottom right of the current page. New content is inserted at the beginning of the page. You can insert horizontal lines, images, links, bullets, checkboxes, colors, fonts, and edit text.
You can also add new child pages, folders, and text boxes, as well as click the Import button to import content from other programs. You can insert a new page, insert images, insert bullet lists, change text, add lines, and insert checks. You can collapse or expand individual pages, and move a page to another position in

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Portable application with a user-friendly GUI
You can extract the program files to any location on the disk or on a removable storage unit, in order to run the app on any computer with minimum effort and no previous installers. It doesn’t change Windows registry settings.
The clean and intuitive interface invites you to create new notebook files and save them anywhere on the disk, in order to fill them with pages, child pages, folders and text or Word documents, spreadsheets, and others.
Organize and search notes, take screenshots, and insert images
The program supports a wide range of text input methods and Unicode control characters. It’s possible to attach files, search all notes, replace text in the current file, as well as insert dates, images, horizontal lines and screenshots of any region captured on the spot.
As far as formatting options are concerned, you can apply bold, underline or strikethrough effects, insert URLs, create bullet lists, change text alignment, increase or decrease the font size, set a text and background color, or choose the font.
The notebook can be backed up to file, restored and exported to HTML. Plus, you can update and compact the notebook index, open a notebook from URL, or use a prompt window to execute Python code. Multiple UI languages are supported and you can set up external applications for launching files, editing text, viewing images, taking screenshots, and so on.
Evaluation and conclusion
We haven’t come across any stability issues in our tests,

What’s New in the KeepNote Portable?

– Keeps notes and other documents in a web-based database
– Fully portable
– Portable version designed for KeepNote Portable requires no install
– Allows making portable backups for documents, webpages, and other files
– Backups can be viewed with Windows Explorer
– Supports saving documents in more than 20 formats
– It is possible to add new pages, child pages and other elements to existing notebooks
– It is possible to edit any text in any notebook page
– It is possible to insert existing images, videos, links, and other elements into any notebook page
– It is possible to attach external documents, files and other files
– It is possible to print any notebook page and keep the document
– It is possible to change and recompile the index of a notebook
– It is possible to change the color or background of any notebook page
– It is possible to set the text and background color of a notebook page
– It is possible to change the text alignment of a notebook page
– It is possible to change the font family, font size, font color and other formatting options for any notebook page
– The program supports standard trackpad gestures
– It is possible to set a notebook page as the desktop background
– It is possible to create new notes, or open existing notebooks from any location
– It is possible to create new pages in existing notebooks
– It is possible to rename a notebook and restore it
– It is possible to export a notebook into an HTML or HTMLX file
– It is possible to save a notebook to a file
– It is possible to extract the program files
– It is possible to copy the program’s index to a clipboard
– It is possible to view the program’s index
– It is possible to compact the program’s index
– It is possible to load a backup
– It is possible to restore a backup
– It is possible to set a notebook as the desktop background
– It is possible to insert text into a notebook
– It is possible to insert URLs into a notebook
– It is possible to insert horizontal lines
– It is possible to insert an image to a notebook
– It is possible to insert a screenshot of any region
– It is possible to search for any note or notebook in the program’s index
– It is possible to select a notebook to open with a menu
– It is possible to launch a file from the notebook’s index
– It is possible to launch an external application from the program’s

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