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bx_solo is a M/S visualization tool that allows users to see the current channels from any stereo mix or mono track. The built-in solo buttons will show the mono and stereo components of any stereo mix.
The built-in controls allow adjusting the width of the stereo image, both in terms of width and perceived width.
The tool’s real power is in the users’ control over the stereo mixing, which allows them to analyze the effects of any change on the stereo image, whether it is as small as moving a plug in the panner to as large as moving the entire stereo image.
Not only that, but the stereo images can be expanded to their maximum, which allows users to achieve a very rich sound when expanding a stereo image.
In terms of playback, bx_solo can be used to analyze any type of audio file, regardless of format (16/44.1/48/64 bit; Ogg/AAC/MP3). The audio can also be played back without any changes to the file, allowing users to analyze the frequency response of any audio file to the greatest degree.
In terms of creating a stereo mix, bx_solo can be used to create a mix that is easier to understand for beginners, enabling them to feel more confident and to make the changes they really want to.
It is important to realize that bx_solo is a visualization tool, which is why it is impossible to hear real changes made when using it.

v2.3 Features:
・The “Rolling Mix” function has been added.
・Stereo Solo Width Control has been added.
・The “/d” option has been added for the “Osc.” option.
・Uncompressed formats are supported.

v2.0 Features:
・Version 2.0
・New M/S visualization tool.
・Signal Strengthening feature added.
・Stereo Solo Width Control has been added.
・Global M/S width settings have been added.
・10 New Solo Buttons have been added.
・A new help menu has been added.
・Completely rewritten from scratch.
・The tool’s functionality has been enhanced.
・Stereo widths can be set to be identical to any mix.
・Option to change the stereo width of a track independently of any other mix has been added. eea19f52d2

GOLDFOX is a simple, yet reliable Web browsing utility which enables you to quickly access any website you wish. The browser focuses on the speed of Internet navigation and allows you to access several websites with just one button click. Several shortcut buttons to email, search or social media websites are available.
Simple and quick Internet navigation
GOLDFOX is designed to be a reliable, yet simple Internet browser. The application allows you to access any website you wish, by inserting the address in the dedicated field. The software can display Flash content, videos, comments and other widgets. It features a simplistic, unrefined interface, however, the command buttons are rather large and suitable for users with impaired sight.
The software directs you to the Google search as homepage and does not allow you to adjust this particular feature. Bookmarks are also disabled, you cannot change any settings and several tabs are not supported. In spite of these missing features, the software offers stability and speedy Web navigation.
Shortcuts to websites of interest
Aside from the common command buttons at the top of the window (Back, Forward, Reload, Stop, Go), GOLDFOX also offers a series of shortcut buttons. Thus, you may easily access social network pages, such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, YouTube, email, Google Maps, Wikipedia or searching engines.
While these shortcut buttons are useful for users who access those particular websites often, they are fixed and you cannot assign other pages to them. Otherwise, the browsing experience is convenient, since the software can properly display any website.
Reliable browsing experience
In spite of several functions that are missing from GOLDFOX, the application is reliable and allows you to access any website. It can easily display Flash content or videos, the window can be resized and it features a multitude of shortcuts to popular websites. Moreover, the homepage is set and fixed to Google search.
Key Features:
The GOLDFOX browser is a simple browser that allows you to navigate between different websites. The software is accessible in more than 30 languages.
It features various shortcut buttons to access social networks, e-mail, video-sharing websites and search engines. Bookmarks are also supported.
The software allows you to fix the homepage to any website and offer reliable online navigation. The home page can be easily changed, but you can’t adjust other features.
The browser offers a variety of customization options and offers the ability to configure your homepage, add new websites, download and save pages, use the “Always