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Site Visualizer Free is a page and link crawler that allows you to view the analysis of a website and extract the information you need. There are no limits to the number of pages you can analyze. You can view the results on screen and save them in several formats.

If you want to track the ranking of your web pages and check the performance of the links you have posted, then you need a tool to achieve this task. Website checker is a handy online tool that checks your links and the links of the sites you link to. It provides a detailed report on your web pages and the links to them. You can view the pages clickbet88 and links of your choice by changing the URL.
The tool allows you to check all your web pages and calculate their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking. It also allows you to check the domain ranking and the authority level of the website.
Another useful feature of the tool is the database of links you have created. You can create a link pointing to your site and then check if it actually points to your website.
Website checker is an easy to use tool and is fully customizable. It’s also very easy to add new links and pages.
Key Features:
✔ Easy to Use
✔ Can Create and Customize Links
✔ Can Check All Pages on a Website
✔ Can Check the Domain Authority of a Website
✔ Can View Your Site’s Google PageRank
✔ Can View the Domain Authority of a Domain
✔ Can View Links Directly From a Page Situs Slot Gacor
✔ Can View the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) of a Website
✔ Can Save Links in a Database
✔ Can Save Pages for a Website
✔ Can Save Reports of URLs
✔ Can Sort By Size, Page Rank, Links, and Categories
✔ Can Export in several formats: HTML, TXT, PDF
✔ Can Export Links in a Database
✔ Can Export Results in HTML
✔ Can Export Results in TXT
✔ Can Export Results in CSV
✔ Can Export Results in XML
✔ Can Export Links in a Database
✔ Can Generate an XML Sitemap
✔ Can Import Links
✔ Can Import Pages
✔ Can Import Links in a Database
✔ Can Import Files
✔ Can Import Report to XML
✔ Can Import Text
✔ Can Print to HTML
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Create a Cake is a free software that helps you make a custom-designed birthday cake message for your friends.

Create a Cake Free Features:

[+] No registration is required to use this free software.

[+] Customize Birthday Messages, Word Art, Headers, Footers and Special Pages.

[+] Save any combination of design settings as a template.

[+] Integrates with all Microsoft Office versions.

[+] Write text and create Word Art.

[+] Create a logo and text decorations.

[+] Adjust the page background colors, size and transparency.

[+] Print, save and e-mail the designs.

[+] Supports multiple pages.

[+] Supports all major operating systems.

[+] Optionally available for download at

[+] Create a logo, text decorations and other text fields.

[+] Import images from your digital camera, scanner, or other device.

[+] Change background color and image.

[+] Set the text and image dimensions.

[+] Set the background transparency.

[+] Configure settings, such as text, image, shape and line size.

Create a Cake Pro Features:

[+] No registration is required to use this paid software.

[+] Create custom graphics in Illustrator format.

[+] Create custom graphics in PDF format.

[+] Create custom decorations in PowerPoint format.

[+] Supports professional-quality printing.

[+] Supports all major operating systems.

[+] Includes free templates and samples, exclusive to Pro users.

[+] Up to 10 custom logo, text and image decorations.

[+] Easily change text, image, text color and many other settings.

[+] Save and share custom designs as graphics.

[+] Configure page background colors and transparency.

[+] Supports multiple pages.

[+] Set page orientation, margins and other settings.

[+] Configure the page to print on paper or as a banner, as well as set custom page background colors, transparency, size and text.

Create a Cake Description:

Create a Cake is a free software that helps you make a custom

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