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Provides access to the programming environment and AIR files that are pre-set in Badge Builder AIR.
KeyMacros are simply functions that can be used in any Badge Builder file.
The KeyMacro allows you to use a simple Javascript function to get the value of any KeyMacro.
An example could be to use the KeyMacro A Button.
Depending on what KeyMacro you are using, you can call this KeyMacro by the name of the KeyMacro.
For example: A Button KeyMacro can be called like this: AButton(“”).
· Allows users to easily create their own badge installations.
· Allows users to customize their own badges.
· Allows the user to create simple Javascripts.
· Allows developers to create standalone applications without having to bother with the Adobe AIR Environment.
More Information:
Good luck with the badge building!
Source Code:
1. Badge Builder (
2. Github Pages for Badge Builder (
GPLv3my buddy sent me a link on the bronycon thing. not that big of a deal. he’s got a horse so it’s hard for him to be away from it. =) he probably came in here and posted the link. i just check it out. i wasn’t big on the overall attitude of the bronycon thing but it’s cool they got an actual bronycon. there’s a bit of new hope.

1-1/2″ brass barrel makes this so accurate it will make your enemies squirm.

I was poking around the site trying to find out more about the competition, and saw that there was a group of people who were outed as being ponies, then again another group, and another.

When I asked about it, I got the standard “but it’s a fun thing to do” line, that’s about it. I’m not a big fan of the whole “look what I did” thing, even though I used to be a bigger part of it than I am today, I think it’s kinda lame.

I was poking around the site trying to find out more about the competition, and saw that there was a group of people who were outed as being ponies, then again another group, and another a77f14ba26

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Additional Information:

Installs DLLs, executables and other files to the hard disk and writes them to specified system and user directories.
The application does not require administrator privileges. You can launch the utility with a non-elevated command prompt, or with the Start Menu from a normal account.
The following types of tasks are supported:
• Install files and DLLs
• Create shortcuts
• Run programs, files and web pages
• Reinstall applications, add drivers, run patches and uprgade operating systems
• Extract archived files, split archives and add other files to existing archives
• Configure and reconfigure Windows
• Repair registry
• Optimize and repair system files
• Migrate files and folders to other locations
• Perform backups and restores
• Create installation packages
The application is made to be very easy-to-use, and it brings help information while you work. You can get an idea of all the features by checking the ‘About’ box.
Fixer will launch a window which contains two tabs: ‘Tools’ and ‘Help’. The ‘Tools’ tab shows various types of operations that can be performed using the program. Some of these functions can be customized. On the ‘Help’ tab, you can get general information about the software, or search for the function or command you want to use.
The most useful options include the option ‘Standard’, which is used to set the settings of most of the operations. You can select to automatically repair the registry, perform backups, move the selected file to the archive, convert archives,