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My Dream Diary is a free application to record your dreams and thoughts, available for both Windows and Linux. While it’s quite handy, the overall design is kind of limited. We should also add that using the PC with a stylus might be a bit of a hassle.
Stores notes and entries of dreams and notes in.txt or.html format
Saves notes and entries to a PC or mobile device.
Moderated comments
Customizable fonts
History for every document
Photo memory
Transfer notes to a PC or mobile device.
The app supports both Windows and Linux.
The app supports all major browsers and can be synced to a PC or mobile device.

The mobile device we’ve reviewed is a GSM phone, but it works with other GSM networks as well. Before discussing the pros and cons of this device, we should talk about the data plan you’ll need to keep this phone working. This handset is priced at $600, which is a fairly steep price for a phone with just one GSM radio.
Cingular has three GSM data plans to choose from, and each one has a maximum data limit. If you’re buying this phone to run a GSM service plan, it’s imperative that you choose the cheapest of the three (we’re talking more than $60 a month) and add a second phone to your plan. That way you’re not paying for a third phone, and you can keep your original phone for emergencies. If you do plan to add a second phone to your account, we’ve reviewed one that runs $39.99 a month for 2 GB of data, while it’ll cost you $59.99 a month for 5 GB.
It’s also worth noting that this device can work with any GSM carrier and is compatible with Sprint’s iDEN, Verizon’s CDMA and GSM, and AT&T’s iDEN network. While it supports GSM, it’s more likely to be used with CDMA networks.
Device features:
Built-in 1.3 megapixel camera with image stabilization.
Built-in Bluetooth 2.0
MicroSD memory slot
WAP, Web browsing and email
Wireless LAN, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Protected Setup
GPRS, EDGE, 3G and HSDPA support
The device is big, weighing in at 5.45 ounces. It has a 4.27- eea19f52d2

Fast File Encryptor is a program that encrypts files and folders, while leaving a copy of the original.
Key features:
– Files can be encrypted in bulk and broken down into categories
– The program allows the user to choose whether to encrypt files or folders
– Decryption and encryption is automatic
– The application allows users to select their own passphrase to encrypt with
– Encrypted files and folders are automatically arranged into categories
– Encrypted files are compressed
– Original files and folders are left intact
– File shredder: permanently deletes all files, even those that are protected by encryption
– A file can be encrypted for as many times as the user wants
– Filenames and extensions are preserved
– Easily customize file and folder encryption
– A password is required to decrypt files
– The program provides an undo button to undo encryption
– A log file is created at the end of the encryption process
– The file is not visible to the user
– All system files are preserved
– The application creates a temporary directory to store the encrypted files
– The software is highly compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista

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June 30, 2011

Fast File Encryptor: Quick and simple way to encrypt files

In the age of identity theft and computer fraud, being able to protect sensitive information is a vital task for many users. The Fast File Encryptor is a versatile application that can quickly encrypt a large number of files at once, with a decryption mode included. The program also features a file shredder to permanently delete files, as well as a Folder Drive option, to create artificial drives based on folders.
A wide array of satisfying features that provide a quick way to secure files
The average user might feel lost when faced with different methods of encryption, so this application does its best to make it simple. Users select a password, either a custom one or using a file as a key, then they select an encryption method, then they click Encrypt. Afterwards, the application encrypts the file, the process is reversed when users want to decrypt – a very simple process. Users can encrypt entire folders of files with only a few clicks, confusing menus or overly technical phrases are left out of the program.
The process is very streamlined and user friendly, clearly intended to be accessible to those