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There are a lot of download managers out there, that's for sure, but Mass Downloader claims to be the first application that's supposed to help you download multiple files in the same time at maximum speed. Well, Mass Downloader can definitely take advantage of your high-speed Internet connection, but it can't do wonders unless your ISP provides greater download speeds.
Clever integration with your web browser
Nevertheless, this tool is a pretty good download manager as it can monitor clipboard and automatically take control of the file almost instantly. Plus, Mass Downloader comes with addons for the most popular browsers out there, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.
Snoop through ZIP files before downloading
Mass Downloader supports HTTP, FTP and HTTPS protocols and even comes with a built-in FTP browser. Plus, it has the power to let you view the files included in a ZIP archive and choose to download only the files you need.
Easily schedule download sessions
In case you don't need to download the files on the spot, you can use the built-in scheduler to set the time, day, month and even weekday when you want the task to be performed.
Various technical and visual customization options
The interface is pretty much similar to the one used by so many other download managers out there, but Mass Downloader offers users the power to customize toolbar buttons and their color.
There is also a very rich settings menu that enables you to configure Internet and download options, as well as proxy server and integration related preferences.
In conclusion
All in all, the truth is that Mass Downloader is quite a great way to download files from the Internet. It has lots of functions and customizations available for you to play with and a browser integration feature that simply works.







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Download everything. The Mass Downloader is the first multi-format download manager that’s able to download, convert, play and manage files on multiple platforms. Supports: wmv, mpg, avi, mp3, ogg, wma, wav, aiff, mp4, jpg, tiff, pdf, doc, zip, 7z, rar, tgz, tar,…
File types for every type of media. Mass Downloader can perform various actions with every file type. If it isn’t on the list, it’s for you to download, convert and play.
Convert files on the fly. Mass Downloader is the only download manager that can convert and play any type of file.
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a) Auto Repeating Command (such as cut, copy and paste)
b) Edit all selected object (2,3 objects)
c) Perform action on all selected objects in one or more frames of the video
d) Cut video and audio of selected frames into MP4 format
e) Download video and audio from a video sharing site
f) Edit FLV files
g) Trim, split, merge and rename multiple video files
h) Record your desktop and send video clips to your PC
i) Split and merge multi-channel video files
j) Edit, convert and compress multiple audio files
k) Extract audio from video file
l) Convert audio formats and extract audio from video files
m) Record audio from mic (one-channel or multi-channel)
n) Extract text from webpage
o) Select the file to be converted to an image
p) Search for and replace text in any file
q) Merge and split MP3 files
r) Create playlist
s) Add multiple audio or video files
t) Change audio and video encoding quality
u) Extract audio from video file
v) Split audio file into multiple MP3s
w) Merge MP3 files
x) Extract audio from video file
y) Extract video from a video file
z) Copy and paste multi-channel video files
1) Automatically copy video/audio to clipboard
2) Support to Cut, Copy, Paste, Convert, Join, Separate, Trim, Split, Merge and Capture
3) Split and Combine audio files
4) Convert audio files into MP3, MP2, WAV, OGG, AC3, AAC
5) Extract audio from video and convert to other audio formats
6) Record audio from microphone and/or microphone channel
7) Record audio from video file
8) Convert video files and change video/audio encoder
9) Extract video from web pages
10) Display web page source
11) Split video files
12) Convert video/audio into MP3, MP2, WAV, OGG, AC3, AAC
13) Extract audio from video
14) Extract audio from video and convert it to other audio formats
15) Merge audio files
16) Cut and paste from video and audio
17) Cut and paste from video and audio
18) Cut and paste from video and audio
19) Cut and paste from video and audio
20) Cut and paste from

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Virtually as big as Google itself, this remarkable download manager provides you with the power to download, unzip, and extract large files very quickly and without problems. A built-in FTP client allows you to quickly and easily download and upload files from the Internet. Download for Free!

Take control of any file available online and download it to your hard drive quickly and easily. Use our built-in FTP client to quickly connect to FTP sites and download and upload large files at incredible speeds.

Key Features:

Free – Download this utility for free and try it out for yourself!

Faster – Our unique file splitting algorithm makes downloading extremely fast and our FTP client makes uploading and downloading files at full speed possible.

Unzip Directly – Without the use of archive formats and complex archive utilities, you can easily unzip files to a single file on your computer.

Download Today, Unzip Tomorrow – Have you ever tried to download a zip file only to have it split into thousands of tiny files when unzipped? That happens all the time, and Mass Downloader can help you eliminate this frustration.

Separate Files – The Zip Bomb is a powerful new technology that separates small files from large files and keeps large files together. This means that only large files will be downloaded and saved to your hard drive.

FTP Client Included – Using our FTP client we can connect to FTP servers and easily download large files without any problems.

Multiple Languages Supported – With the recent increase in foreign websites, more and more people are using websites and downloading content in foreign languages. Our cross-platform language files can read any language and any encoding.

PC and MAC Versions Included – Our software can run on Windows, Mac, Linux, and even Solaris systems. Your host system will never be a limiting factor when using our software.

Upcoming Enhancements – Our developer is working hard to make Mass Downloader even better than it is today. This includes more languages and more languages built-in for multi-language websites.

Download for Free today! Take advantage of our free version and see how Mass Downloader can work for you.

Want to help us out? Tell us what you think about Mass Downloader by filling out our survey.By Laura Meckler The Cook County Sheriff’s Office is looking for the person who shot and killed a man early Sunday in south suburban Berwyn.

Michael S. Martin, 41, of

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Update Required
To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.


Mass Downloader is an easy-to-use download manager tool that allows you to download files from the Internet. This download manager tool will seamlessly download all files and minimize the time needed to complete the download. Mass Downloader is simple, fast and reliable.
Download directly to your computer
Mass Downloader has been designed to download files from the Internet. It's a quick, reliable and easy-to-use download manager tool. Download files directly to your hard drive with just a few clicks, and Mass Downloader will do the rest of the job. No matter what files you are downloading, Mass Downloader will perform its best. It can be configured to save the downloaded files into specific folders or archives.
Preview files before downloading
Previewing files before download can be done in three ways:

Snoop through ZIP files before downloading
You can preview files before downloading by clicking on the files and then clicking the “view” icon at the bottom right corner of the Mass Downloader interface. All of the file properties will be displayed and you can even choose whether to “download” or “open” the file in your default web browser.

Scan/Monitor clipboard
Another way to see the properties of a file is to copy the URL of the file and paste it into the clipboard. Then, choose to “open” or “download” the file from the Clipboard. This is a very convenient way to keep track of the files you want to download.

Simultaneously download multiple files
For your convenience, Mass Downloader can take advantage of your Internet connection speed to download multiple files at the same time.

Automatically download files
It's very easy to set up Mass Downloader to download a list of files to be downloaded. You can set how many files to be downloaded, when to start and end the download and the files included in the list of download.

Various technical and visual customization options
Mass Downloader has a very rich set of settings. You can configure Internet and download settings, as well as proxy server and integration related preferences.

Advanced download manager
Mass Downloader supports HTTP, FTP and HTTPS protocols and it comes with a built-in FTP browser. Also, it has the power to let you view the files included in a ZIP archive and choose to download only the files you need.

Browsing support
Mass Downloader comes with addons for the most popular browsers out there, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Share files
Mass Downloader has built-in addons for the most popular email

System Requirements For Mass Downloader:

Any of the systems below work and can be used for development, however, we recommend the use of the original version of System 7.5 for testing and use on a real system.
For developers:
For the world, we recommend the use of a PowerPC Mac or Macintosh Computer running 10.3.x or earlier
System 7.5 v1.1 or later for Mac
Apple System Software 6.0.2 or later
Apple GEM 4.4 or later (4.3 will work but is not recommended