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MAYAM Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a handy application specially designed to offer users a DICOM viewer developed in Java.
With MAYAM you will be able to view, manipulate and print your DICOM images.
With a graphical user interface you have full control over the DICOM protocol functions.
– DICOM protocol implementation
– DICOM dataset support (wrapped/direct)
– DICOM image & file manipulations
– Annotation, measurement and reporting (automatic/manual)
– User’s DICOM browsing (scrolling)
– User’s DICOM image manipulations (rotation, flip, zoom, resize, crop and print)
– DICOM image set printing (wrap, crop, border, custom shape, pagination, merging, fit on paper…).
MAYAM is available for:
– Windows: Xp (3.11), Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
– Linux: Ubuntu, Fedora, openSuse
User Interface:
The main window of MAYAM is divided in 3 parts:
1) This part is an information window where you have some informations about the file or the dataset you want to read or manipulate. You can also change the DICOM settings (scaling and image format).
2) This part contains the image viewer. You can use it to view your images. MayAM offers 3 modes of view:
* The original viewer in which only one image is displayed.
* The image viewer with multiple images. You can switch with the mouse between the images displayed.
* The dual-image viewer in which 2 images are displayed side by side.
3) This part is the annotation window. You can select (or define on your own) some markers in the image file to start measuring the distance or area of any of the markers.
MAYAM main window
MAYAM offers several help windows with some information about DICOM format and image handling.
In a “Zoom and Pan” help window you can select the desired zoom level and obtain a magnified version of the image. The image zoom is based on the percentage of the original image.
MAYAM help window
MAYAM features different image resolutions. You can choose the final image resolution with two parameters. The first parameter, “Advanced DICOM Set-up”, allows you

MAYAM Crack +

Download the latest version of dicom viewer mayam for x86 windows XP/Vista/Win7, and for use with edicom dicom files with both single and multiple studies. it mayam is a handy application specially designed to offer users a dicom viewer, mayam allow user to read dicom images, browse through the dataset, and to perform different operations over the dataset such as: cut, crop, resize, paste, copy, rotate, flip etc.mayam is the most powerful edition of the dicom viewer by far, and the first to offer the ultimate DICOM editing capabilities.
· Quickly browse through multiple datasets
· Easily create, view and manage images, groups and other elements
· Quickly access DICOM objects
· Extend the dicom viewers functionality with extensions created by the community
· Display and browse files created by mayam, and that support it as extensions
· Mayam has a built in server tool
· Mayam is a complete dicom based project
• Mayam is 100% free for anyone to use
• Mayam is the right tool for any dicom user
Mayam Screenshots:

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MAYAM is a handy application specially designed to offer users a DICOM viewer.
This software also offers you some imaging manipulation features like:

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What’s New in the MAYAM?

MAYAM is designed for Radiology and Cardiology.
This software offers you a DICOM viewer designed for the “Java Virtual Machine” which uses JDK 1.5 or later.
From Mayam 2.0 you can :
– Zoom on images (edge or center)
– Crop images
– Invert images
– Flip & Rotate images
– Automatically zoom according to DICOM
– Measurements tools for: Perimeter, Area, Diameter, Thickness, Duration, Distance…
MAYAM is distributed free.

From Mayam 1.6.3 it is possible to do an export of the DICOM file.
This will be useful if you want to have the complete record of the patient’s study in your computer in order to analyze it later.
MAYAM is distributed free for personal use.
Free License:
You can use MAYAM on as many computers as you want.
You must keep the executable file.
One exception : if you put the executable file in your “c:\windows” directory, you must have Windows set to read the file right-to-left. To do this, double click on mayam.exe in your “c:\windows” directory.

Download JAVA-EDITOR (4.5.02 or later):
Java-Editor is a command line software specially designed for editing DICOM files.
It is offered as Open Source software under the GNU GPL license.
It is a command line code and it is not integrated in the Internet Explorer.
It is a Java based software with an user interface based on the Swing toolkit.

From JAVA-EDITOR 1.4.1 it is possible to print the DICOM file.
From JAVA-EDITOR 1.4.1 you can:
– Copy all the data of the DICOM file
– Save the edited DICOM file in a new path.
You can only do this if the DICOM file is saved as a text file.
The DICOM file may be used for sending it to an external software or for filling the database of your own software (Mayam 2.0).
JAVA-EDITOR Description:
JAVA-EDITOR is a command line code for editing DICOM files. It is offered as Open Source software under the GNU GPL license.

System Requirements:

* Windows 8, 8.1, 10
* Internet connection (update)
* 1024 MB of RAM (recommended minimum)
* 25 MB of free disk space
* 2 GB of available hard disk space
* 1280 x 1024 resolution
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