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WinTin++ is a console MUD client, in Win32 C, designed to support MCCP (Mud Client Compression Protocol), MMCP (Mud Master Chat Protocol), and xterm 256 colors. WinTin++ is free software, released under GNU General Public License (GPL), and it can be downloaded from the GNU project web site
There are two major versions of WinTin++, the first one (1.x series) is compatible with the original MIT client, and the second one (2.x series) is compatible with the 2.x series of the MIT client. The 2.x series was released in mid-2003.
WinTin++ Configuration:
– To run WinTin++, you need to know the name of the area (or “room”) that is run by the client:
area room_name

WinTin++ provides an automatic mapping feature, with a VT100 map display, to easily navigate and locate any objects in a MUD. You can see the name of the room when you type ‘p room_name’. If you need to load the room when you launch the client, you can type ‘load room_name’.
WinTin++ can be configured with associative arrays to manage large numbers of objects.
Currently, the supported associative arrays types are “raw” (for binary data), “string” (for text), “int” (for integers), “float” (for floating point values), and “variant” (for any type).
To add an associative array to WinTin++, you first need to create an object with the type, then you can use the command ‘addarray object_name array_type’.
For example:
addarray obj_name string
addarray obj_name int
addarray obj_name float
addarray obj_name variant

In this example, the client will now manage an array of objects of the type string. Each entry in the array will be named ‘obj_name’.
There are a number of command line options supported by WinTin++, some of them are described here:
The help option is a quick-look option that will show the available commands,
without actually executing any of them.
The area command will ask the client to run the specified area (or “room”). To do this, you eea19f52d2

Jasmine Java is the best tool for you to deal with FTP uploads.
Jasmine Java is free and useful auto FTP uploader.
create & edit your own ini file using examples from sample.ini file.
run following command (ex., when uses “sample.ini”);
Windows XP: using “Command Prompt” D:Jasmine>java -classpath. jasmine sample D:Jasmine>java -classpath. jasmine sample.ini MacOS X (or maybe Linux, etc): using “Terminal”
~/Jasmine prettypop$ Java -classpath. Jasmine sample ~/Jasmine prettypop$ Java -classpath. Jasmine sample.ini.maybe it works well. good luck.
Upload updated files since last upload date & time. (ver.1.00)
Remove files, not available local directory, from server. (ver.1.00)
Logging. (ver.1.10) Logging=Yes or No (default)
Ignore file extension. (ver.1.20) IgnoreFileExtensions= (default) or extentions. *1
*1: ex.,zip, mp3, wav,. etc.
I recomend to add “DS_Store”, when you use Jasmine Java on MacOS X.
Upload files older but previously unuploaded. (ver.1.30) UploadPreviouslyUnuploaded=Yes or No (default)
HTML Keyword Exchange (ver.1.30, 1.50) HtmlKeywordExchange=Yes or No (default) Keywords are as follows: keyword exchange to. (example)
%% : 1.50
%% : Windows XP
%% : 07.Jun.2006
%% : 04.Jun.2006
%% : 23:08
%% : 13:28
%% : 11,709 byte (local file)
HTML KeywordExchange: Date Separator (ver.1.50)
You can set date separate character of your choice with the following parameter. DateSeparator=. (default) or any (ex.,/, -,. etc). *2
*2: dot, slash, hyphen,. etc.
HTML KeywordExchange: Date Format (ver.1.50) DateFormat=ddmmyyyy (default), mmddyyyyy