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Minidump Explorer Full Crack enables you to analyse and control minidump files, providing you with the means to diagnose any crash, thread deadlock, performance issue, memory leak or other unexpected shutdowns.
You can run a scan on any of the data streams, sort and filter the output based on any of the analyzed parameters and create minidump files for running processes.
The main module also has a history searchable from the toolbar. Data can be exported as a Microsoft Excel file, and you can also re-import previously analyzed files.
You can download the newest stable version of Minidump Explorer v5.0.0 as well as its trial version v5.0.0 14 day free trial and test all features in no time.

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Minidump Explorer For PC

Minidump Explorer makes it easy to analyze and generate minidump files. It has a simple yet powerful interface, and it includes an intuitive database application as well as a sampling profiler.
What’s New
Added the ability to create new minidumps using a single click from the File menu.
Added the ability to flag slow columns in the database.
Added the ability to flag slow rows in the database.
A couple of minor UI improvements.
A couple of minor bugfixes.

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Not sure whether you are interested in Windows Kernel crashes or maybe stack dumps, run dumps.exe, which enables you to inspect various states of the Windows kernel.
You can safely inspect minidump files and use the various tools within a reliable environment, which does not require you to purchase software or pay for any services.
A good feature of Minidump Explorer is that you can sample parts of a process for a limited period of time to get a better handle on its performance, which in turn is normally difficult to do otherwise.

You can use the command line to generate minidumps, as explained in the tutorial. This command should be a familiar one to most Windows users, as it is used to generate crash dumps.
You can generate a minidump file for any running process in all kinds of ways. You can also select which threads and dumps should be included, and whether the process should be paused or automatically terminated at the end of the sampling.
If you want to do so, enter this command into a command prompt window.
dump_crash /f:C:\MyMinidump.dmp /p:C:\MyProcess.exe /t:3 /p:1 /e:100 /u: /v: /i:

You can use the WinDbg debugger to inspect minidump files, which can be very useful for analyzing and fixing system crashes and other issues.
Minidump files are normally not user-friendly, which is why you need to set up Minidump Explorer in order to open minidump files and view their contents. By using Minidump Explorer, you can also interact with minidump files, which can be pretty useful for finding out more about the cause of the crash.
If you want to use the command line to open minidump files, you can use the following

What’s New in the Minidump Explorer?

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