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KEYMACRO is the source of dynamic and interactive macro programming for the Microsoft Windows operating system. KEYMACRO enables you to do powerful, yet easy-to-use, macro programming on your computer. This version of KEYMACRO has a significantly improved user interface.

MetaSpiritsShakeIt2 v3.1.1-release-win [program] [multilang]
MetaSpiritsShakeIt2 is a program for spirits that shakes the data file.
The program was developed based on the following program:

Also, the program allows you to remove any data from the file, remove the connection to the server, and re-uploading to a different location
The program is offered for educational purposes and in order to explore the ability of the programming language, I wrote the program by creating a purely functional program.
– You can easily run the program as a console application. The program is not designed for graphical user interface (GUI).
– The program can be executed by a single user. You can run the program as a background application.
– The program can be executed by several users at the same time. It is a multitasking application.
– The program can be executed without a specific path to the network server.
– The program requires no parameters.
– The program enables you to select the data file that you wish to use.

Notes – The full image is 517 kb.

Download, install and run in default config. If needed, change the config file (default in *program* folder), then copy the current one to the desktop of your computer, rename to ‘MetaSpiritsShakeIt2.ini’ and edit the config file to the new config

Notes – The full image is 2.2 mb.

Download, install and run in default config. If needed, change the config file (default in *program* folder), then copy the current one to the desktop of your computer, rename to ‘MetaSpiritsShakeIt2. 384a16bd22

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The Keymacro program will test your internet connection speed, and as result, show the results in a Vista Sidebar Gadget, or give you the option to copy the test results to the clipboard.
KEYMACRO requires an internet connection with a firewall to function correctly.
KEYMACRO will test the speed in a first step.
KEYMACRO will then show you the results in a second step.
KEYMACRO will also show you the internet speed with an graphical indication of your connection speed
The speed indicator from the KDE Window is shown on the desktop icon
There is also an export function that will give you a text file with the results

FASTRESET – Automatic WiFi Hotspot Generator

FASTRESET – Automatic WiFi Hotspot Generator

FASTRESET is an application that automatically creates a WiFi hotspot on your desktop.
The application does this in a very user friendly way while being capable of complicated hotspot configurations.
However, the main aim of the app is to create WiFi hotspots.
The application works well and is simple to use.
There is also an extensive help file, that can be accessed by pressing Ctrl + F1 on your keyboard.
FASTRESET requires access to the internet to work and generates a new IP every time it is run.
There is no need for a special user login.
FASTRESET can be used to create a WiFi hotspot from any computer with an IP.

Ultimate Startup List

Ultimate Startup List is a startup control panel that can start up programs in batch mode in a defined order.
It automatically loads the program depending on the listed directory and notifies the user which program failed and which succeeded.
It also gives the user the option to create a restart of the computer after the program is loaded.
There is also a log function that can store the startup log in a file.
Ultimate Startup List is free software.

If you use Windows 7 Ultimate or higher,
you can use Windows-7-Ultimate-Quick-Start-Tool
which is a program that starts up some programs without using the User Startup folder,
starting with the selected program, and it keeps track of which program succeeded and failed.
However, if you want to be able to start up programs without using this,
Ultimate Startup List is the best solution.



C. Trotta

C. Trotta

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