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View every line of every log file and extract information about specific errors, category errors, date and even messages. You can now identify a series of information stored in a file, such as:
• search by IP address
• display by the most frequent error
• display by the error code
• modify the date filter

Modern Log Viewer Crack Mac 8.1 Crack

Modern Log Viewer 2022 Crack 8.1 Crack is log file tool for filtering, searching, inspecting and analyzing log file contents with modern interface and advanced utilities. It also includes all the features of Classic Log Viewer.

Modern Log Viewer Cracked Version 8.1 Serial Key License Key

Modern Log Viewer Cracked Accounts is an advanced log viewer which can help you manage and analyze log file entries. It can give you various statistics and results about the log file entries during the execution of your program. Modern Log Viewer License Key acts as a log file filter which can help you filter the log entries by their type. You can even filter the log file entries by date and timestamp. Modern Log Viewer License Key also provides you with advanced utilities to view and monitor your log file entries. The best part is Modern Log Viewer will give you all the features of Classic Log Viewer. It also allows you to modify the date filter, change the time filter, search by date, search by category, search by keywords, view by date and view by category.

Key Features:

Filter log file entries:

• Filter your log file entries by text, by IP address, by date and category.
• Filter your log file by the most frequent error code, searching by error codes and by error code plus a message.
• You can search by log file type and change the date filter.
• All these filters work independently, so you can later combine them to filter several logs at once.

Advanced log file viewer:

• Show the date and time when your program was executed.
• Keep the scrolling cursor position on top of the log file entry, while you are filtering or searching.
• Be notified about the log file entries and their frequency.
• View all the log entries in the main window, in a list or on your desktop.

Include or exclude log files:

• Look for a file to include it automatically in the log file.
• Look for a directory to include it automatically in the log file.
• Search for a file or directory in any of the log

Modern Log Viewer 1.9.3 Crack

? Modern Log Viewer is a simple and handy application that can help you find and remove errors from your log files. By analyzing your log files, you can analyze performance problems and resolve them.
? Modern Log Viewer allows you to filter the errors that occur during your program execution. You can filter them by date, keyword, type and program name.
? Modern Log Viewer offers you to search information by standard and advanced search criteria. You can sort them by date and categorize them by type.
? With the Advanced Search options, you can analyze a log file by a keyword or date.
? If there are errors in the registries of your system, you can modify them.
? By using Modern Log Viewer, you can easily export the data that you collected to a CSV file, for later import in Excel, or any other spreadsheet program.
? Modern Log Viewer supports Internet Explorer version 8.0, Firefox version 3.6.3 and up, Chrome version 4.0 and up, Opera version 10.6 and up, and Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8.0.
? The application is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/8.
? Modern Log Viewer has several useful and unique features that no other log viewer offers:
? You can filter your log file by a certain error
? You can filter your log file by date
? You can filter your log file by word/keyword
? You can filter your log file by type
? You can focus on a single log file
? You can filter everything except the error of interest
? You can check your memory usage statistics
? You can see if your program has stopped responding
? You can check if your program is responding
? You can see what is the current status of your program
? You can check the process stack
? You can check the CPU, Memory and RAM information
? You can check the log file information
? You can export the collected data in a text/CSV file
? You can export the collected data in a HTML file
? You can enable/disable a certain log file
? You can set the log file to be accessed by browsing
? You can ignore standard errors
? You can add and remove custom filters
? You can view the log file information
? You can run the registered command line arguments at startup


Displays the name and path of a given executable file, a number of

Modern Log Viewer 1.9.3 With Registration Code

Using Modern Log Viewer for filtering and filtering log files, you can easily determine the problem that caused a specific error.
The program can help you to parse a log file and check the date the error was created, in order to analyze it and attempt to solve it, by using external applications and command line arguments.
The program offers a modern-looking interface and provides you with different tool options.
Therefore, by using this program, you can easily determine the solution you need to follow to solve the error that occurred.
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What’s New in the?

[ Features ]
# Filters a log file with category, time and message.
# Lets you filter your log files by date, file extension or by using a certain keyword.
# You can read the log file’s data and see how it affects the program.
# The program filters the data in the log file and displays it under either file category, date, keyword or normal errors.
# A total of 20 different file types and two types of category can be selected.
# The program offers various search criteria like date, time, file type, file extension, message, category, file name.
# You can sort the log file by category, date or order of file creation.
# Exclusion criteria can be used to filter out the normal errors from the log file.
# The application offers separate read/write functionality and text filters.
# Apply multiple filters.
# Sort the log file by category, date, time and file name.
# The program allows you to include or exclude certain data that normally affects programs and prevents their proper functioning.
# Additionally, you can read the log file’s data and see how it affects the program.
# You can also apply various filters that are specific to the log file.
# A dynamic application that offers many tools for debugging.
# A modern-looking and well-organized interface.
# Filter by category, date, file type, file extension, message, keyword, file name.
# You can ignore normal errors or focus on them separately.
# Sort the log file by category, date, time and file name.
# An easy to use application that lets you use external applications or command line arguments.
# This program offers a vast number of software licensing solutions.
# The application lets you examine the log file for specific information and helps you to determine the error or malfunctioning of a program.
# You can view the log file, search for it, look for errors and sort them.
# You can open the log file and examine it under file category, date, error or file name.
# You can filter out normal errors and concentrate on them.
# Analyze the log file by file category, date, keyword, file name or error number.
# The program lets you analyze the log file and determine its normal errors.
# You can see the log file under file category, date, error, keyword, file name or type of normal error.
# The program is a

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