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MongoDBViewer is as the name suggests a very simple developer tool specially designed to help you view databases and catalogs entries.
MongoDB is a handy scalable, high-performance, schema-free, document-oriented database written in C++.


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Download ⚙⚙⚙ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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MongoDBViewer Free Download is a simple, free and reliable software solution designed to view MongoDB data from the CLI, the mongo shell, Python, PHP, Perl, Java and C#. The tool is 100% Free Software, and available for Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS X.
MongoDBViewer Features:
– List out all collections from a database or a replicaSet.
– Lists all database entries through the use of a JSON or XML document format.
– Shows the number of documents in each collection, and their counts.
– Displays all fields and their types for all documents in a collection.
– Allows you to print any field value, and its formatted representation using a JSON or XML format.
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This is a good way to quickly diagnose any issues with your mongodb database and…

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MongoDBViewer License Code & Keygen [Latest-2022]

MongoDBViewer is a simple tool to connect to MongoDB databse and view the contents of the collection. In
this blog i will use the introductory tutorial to create and build a simple database, populate it with data and view it.
This tutorial will have two parts, first off we will view the database we created in part 1 and make it more
clever and populated with some data. After we have populated the database with data it is time to explore it. We
will do this by viewing collections and finding out what they are used for and for what purpose. We will also find
out how MongoDB works and how we can use it.
MongoDBViewer is a tool designed to connect to an existing MongoDB database and view it. This tool is not for new
users. By the end of the tutorial you will have a basic idea on how to interact with MongoDB.
In this tutorial i will use the introductory tutorial to create and build a simple database, populate it with data and view it.
Before you begin you need a database running and ready for us to use. In the next part you will learn how to setup a
local MongoDB database.
There are two parts to this tutorial. The first part is creating and populating a database.
1. Create a new folder in the /home directory.
2. Install MongoDB using the following command.
sudo apt-get install mongodb-org
3. We will run the following command to make the database available to all users.
sudo service mongod restart
We will now see the database we have just made and populate it with some data.
4. We first need to login to our database. To do this type the following command.
5. To view the contents of the database run the following command.
use admin
6. We will now make a new collection called users.
run the following command.
create database admin
run the following command to create the users collection in the admin database.
use admin
run the following command to create the users collection in the admin database.
db.users.insert({firstName:”Aaron”, lastName:”Moore”, email:””,password:”topsecret”, role:”admin”})
7. We will now connect to our database and view the contents of the

What’s New In?

Allows you to view and interact with MongoDB databases using the familiar WYSIWYG UI that you use everyday when working with your website.
MongoDBViewer provides a simple web-based interface to your MongoDB database so you can easily navigate through your documents and your databases.
The interface provides an instant access to all the data in the database, but you can also expand the interface, using the dropdown menu on the left, to navigate to specific collection, and of course, you can use the search at the top if you need to select a specific entry for viewing and editing.
MongoDBViewer Main Features:
? Customizable interface
? View and export documents
? Connects to MongoDB without requiring user name and password
? Supports many databases, collections, and views
? Supports multi-node deployment
? Listener
? Metrics and statistics
? Support for extra libraries, e.g. Mongodb-driver-php, PHP MongoDB-driver, PHP-MySQL for exporting documents as PHP objects
? Use the WebSockets API to view MongoDB on mobile devices
How to install:
1) Download MongoDBViewer and unzip it:
2) Just rename it to mongodb-viewer, and place it to your plugins folder.
3) Open your Dashboard and log in, and click on add plugins, and search for MongoDBViewer, and click add
4) All done, your MongoDBViewer Dashboard should look like this, you can find it in the folder plugins/mongo-viewer-php-driver-plugin under your username/profile.
5) If you are unable to add the MongoDBViewer plugin it might be because the MongoDB plugin is no longer supported. Please log in to your dashboard, click on add plugins, search for MongoDB, and make sure that the MongoDB plugin is installed.

The main goal of the Chaos Monkey is to create chaos on your virtual servers by randomly killing one, or more of the processes.
Chaos Monkey acts much the same as a Vulnerability Scanner. This could be a useful tool to help new people get into penetration testing. We now have functional patches (patches without comments) on our Changelog page and they can be submitted for inclusion into the Monkey. Your patch must be tagged with the SVN tag: V1-Chaos Monkey.
A list of bugs fixed

System Requirements For MongoDBViewer:

•Windows 2000/XP/7/8/10.
•1.86 Ghz or faster processor.
•2 GB of RAM.
•20 GB available space.
•DirectX 9 or higher.
•Sound card with at least 24bit/96KHz sampling rate.
•HD or SD (720p) compatible video card.
•Widescreen display with 1280 x 720 resolution.
•256MB VRAM and VRAM expansion card compatible.