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MuCommander Portable 1.5.449 Crack For PC

muCommander is an open-source graphical file manager, a Windows file manager and a Windows 7 file manager. It provides a simple and intuitive way to browse and manage folders and files on a Windows computer. muCommander supports various file systems, allows to view and edit file properties, and displays any file or folder in a graphical tree view.
muCommander features
– multiple panels simultaneously
– back button to browse former-selected folders, go back to first folder, or open a file
– move/copy/rename/delete files
– delete, rename, copy, move, create, delete, move, open and extract ZIP archives
– open, extract, unzip and unrar archives
– explore any file system on a computer, including FAT, NTFS, HFS+, exFAT
– view file properties, rename, copy, open, and extract ZIP archives
– view file list from selected folder(s) and use it as a report
– check files, and sort/view files by any parameters
– run scripts (shell scripts, batch scripts, VBS scripts)
– change and save Windows and PowerShell profiles
– list all programs, currently logged in users and Windows accounts
– run any program as admin, use custom actions, search in all opened folders
– run any Windows Service (System, Network, Firewall) as admin
– provide software update information
– install any software
– read any file from system
– provide software updater
– provide Windows Defender and SecurityCenter information
– provide IPv6 support
– provide Windows Defender and SecurityCenter information
– provide Windows Antivirus (Internet Explorer)
– monitor any Windows Service (System, Network, Firewall) activity
– show all Windows Services as small icons to the right of the window
– control Access Control Lists (ACLs)
– display single-line or multiline icons
– manage file path, drive, folder and file properties
– backup, restore, create, delete, rename and copy files
– create, delete, move, copy, rename, compress, extract, create ZIP and RAR archives
– create links to files
– delete Windows shortcuts
– move files and folders
– set file attributes
– set system properties
– rename file
– drag and drop files
– open file by double-click
– run any console programs with arguments
– show a detailed list of installed Windows services, currently logged-in users

MuCommander Portable 1.5.449 Crack [Mac/Win]

muCommander Portable is a powerful and flexible application for Windows that helps organize and navigate multiple folders within the same window. The program can compare different folders and show what is in one versus the other. Additionally, it is intuitive and easy to use to help users easily explore their files and folders. It is one of the most promising files managers out there as it can easily handle most tasks that users may need.
Download and Install muCommander Portable
User can download the MuCommander Portable Installer from the link below to create a portable version of muCommander Portable application.
Download MuCommander Portable
Compatibility Issues:
The application is fully compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and Server 2003 or 2008.
Switch to another folder and navigate through it.
Open and navigate multiple folders with split panel.
Switch between various files in multiple folders.
Bookmark file and folder.
Sort files and folders by name, last access, size or modification date.
Highlight particular folders.
Extract zip and rar files.
Back up files.
Run scripts (batch files) and configure them.
Explore Windows commands and use them to organize files.
Create new folders.
Hide files and folders.
Create new custom categories and rename your files.
Browse hidden content.
Quickly switch between different views in the same window.
Convert and compare folders.
Manage bookmark.
Display various details about files and folders.
Simplify folder navigation.
Run external applications.
Customize muCommander Portable.
Transfer files from any source and any destination.
You can download muCommander Portable from the link given below. muCommander Portable is an useful software which helps in maintaining your files in a perfect manner. It is a comprehensive utility that provides you with the most useful features that you could think of.
For more information and reviews, please visit the link below:

MuCommander Portable 4.7.0 Portable MuCommander Portable Software
MuCommander Portable 4.7.0 Portable Software

MuCommander Portable is one of the most helpful and secure applications which helps the users to manage their files and folders in the perfect manner.

MuCommander Portable Overview
MuCommander Portable has been updated with many useful features which will help you to control the various files and folders in the perfect way.

MuCommander Portable 1.5.449

muCommander Portable 1.7.7
muCommander Portable is a portable file explorer which is easy to use, intuitive and practical.
muCommander Portable is an advanced file explorer, which can access your files and folders from all hard drives, portable drives, removable flash drives, network drives, FTP servers, file servers and Web servers. A complete file manager built with a nimble user interface.
The unique design of muCommander Portable makes it ideal for short temporary or long term file copying, moving, editing, creation, searching, syncing and merging. muCommander Portable focuses on ease-of-use and offers quick navigation, local and remote file browsing and management functions through its intuitive user interface.
muCommander Portable allows you to explore folders on your computer or on network shares, open files, edit files with all standard and non-standard editors and ZIP and RAR archives.
You can also explore the files and folders in the removable and non-removable memory cards, USB memory drives, flash drives, floppy disks, portable hard drives and mobile devices via the USB and SD interfaces.
muCommander Portable supports saving the currently displayed files and folder to and loading from FAT and NTFS file systems, Microsoft and Mac OS Extended file systems, and even other formats such as ISO, ZIP and RAR.
muCommander Portable is able to browse local network drives and FTP servers. Network browsing and FTP features are accessible through a built-in Web browser. You can also select directory browsing for network and FTP locations, and, get information about the selected location and files.
muCommander Portable allows for multiple simultaneous use of multiple file managers. The additional file managers can be used either as an independent window or as an extension to the main window.
muCommander Portable offers a large number of features and options for exploring, managing and working with files. No other file exploring tool offers more functionality than muCommander Portable.
muCommander Portable offers powerful features for exploring files and folders with the Integrated File Explorer, Screenshots tool, Clipboard History tool, and Deleted File Recovery tool.
muCommander Portable also offers features for annotating, searching for, editing, opening, converting, moving and copying files, and, removing duplicate files.
– bookmarks
– home folder
– unique file browser with quick bar view
– Cut files from selected location in any other location
– Detachable interface
– multiple file manager management

What’s New in the?

File Explorer is an advanced file explorer that integrates the following features:
– View your files in a tree-view, a list-view or a file explorer.
– Use different file selection methods: either search, open folder, jump to file, create new folder, move, rename or delete.
– View file contents in multiple formats, including text, hex, binary, octal, decimal and visual modes.
– View and delete files with embedded shortcuts (RSX files).
– Move files between different locations like external media, network shares or a second partition or floppy drive.
– Activate scripts (.MUS files) when files are changed, renamed, opened, updated or created in the background.
– Easily switch between a file explorer and multiple views of directories.
– Create folder links and sets default folders for new files, changing the file name before opening.
– View properties and properties of the currently selected files.
– Use multiple statusbars to see the current display options and their settings.
– View file comments and attributes.
– Highlight files and folders in different color, background or outline.
– Search for names and path of files.
– Change settings, add/remove plugins, set defaults and much more.
If you are looking for an all-in-one file explorer with a convenient and functional GUI, File Explorer is the tool for you!

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System Requirements For MuCommander Portable:

Intel Pentium 4 2.6 GHz
Windows XP SP2
512MB Memory
DirectX 9.0
Windows Media Player 9
Windows Media Center 2005 or better
DVD burning capability
To install the game:
Download the latest version from here.
Extract the contents of archive to your desktop.
Start MCE or Windows Media Center.
Select “Software Library” from the left menu.
Select “Add”.
Select “Add” to