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ZeeCast Media Player

ZeeCast Media Player is a free desktop application that allows you to stream videos from your computer directly to your smartphone or tablet.
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Mupen64 Registration Code Free [Mac/Win] [Latest-2022]

* KEYM macro key for playing games *
* You can edit the macros you use to play in any way you want *
* You can also save and load keys. As a result, the same keys do not have to be repeated every time *
* Save and load keys can be done from the “Setup” tab, from any other tab, and from the menus *
* And you can even save and load them by double clicking them in the “Keyboard” or “Edit” tab *
* One thing that is missing is a list of new games to be added *
* That’s why it is necessary to create it yourself. Go to the Help section and there will be many informations *
* You can take a look to the Wiki where everything is explained, and the same is in the Help section *
* There are 9 new games that are not listed, but you can take a look at them by visiting the section called “Unseen games” on the wiki *
If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or want to help us, please contact us and we will try to help you out.
The following are video tutorials to show you the purpose of the program:
1) Start it up
2) Run the game
3) Change video resolution
4) Use the tool
5) Use the audio tool
6) Use the Key MACRO

Mupen64 Full Crack, now with 16x faster acceleration! Also fixes a few other crashes! If you get a blue screen while playing any game you’re screwed.
* Fix a crash with Zip/Unzip which has been causing the game to crash since v.0.4.0. If you have an old version of the program, you should uninstall that version first before installing this version.
* Using console commands before the build number for each release isn’t optional.
* Fix crash with Z64 games when switching to windowed mode
* Fix to allow games to start faster after installing the windows binary files
* Fix crash when trying to restore a backed up game if a restore file isn’t found
* Re-add print message on 2nd crash when something didn’t work as expected
* Improve the error message when trying to use a version number lower than

Mupen64 Free Download

Following its predecessors, Mediator has now released a total overhaul of their Mac and Windows desktop multimedia player.

The changes included in the new version are radical, and in order to capture the big picture, you should read this review.

Mupen64 Description

Mupen64 is a cross-platform N64 video game console emulator that allows users to play video games on the computer with ease.

It sports a clean and straightforward layout that gives you the possibility to upload a ROM file, which contains a copy of the data found in a game cartridge. Mupen64 offers support for N64, ROM, V64, and Z64 file format.

What’s more, you can view a list with recently accessed ROM files, switch to a full-screen mode, increase or decrease the ROM speed, view all the available ROM items, as well as record video games to AVI file format.

Other important options worth mentioning are represented by the possibility to enable sound notifications when the detected ROM file has errors, limit the frame rate to a specified number, and display the FPS value.

The application lets you choose between three CPU cores, and you can make the game start in full screen, pause the emulation process when the window is not active, as well as configure the audio parameters.

When it comes to setting up the video parameters, you can select the window resolution, apply texture filtering effects, and enable the bilinear filtering option for creating smooth textures.

Last but not least, you can extend the application’s functionality by configuring audio and video plugins (it offers support for RSP plugin) which may help you acquire the desired graphics and sound for different games. Plus, you can perform tests to check for possible plugins errors.

All things considered, Mupen64 proves to be a reliable N64 emulator that comprises a handy set of features for helping you play video games. Thanks to its intuitive layout, it appeals to beginners and professionals alike.

A Modern Tool that Captures the Traditional Game Environment

If you enjoy playing video games, you know that you don’t always have the luxury of playing them on the console or using a powerful gaming PC. That’s where the Mupen64 emulator comes into play.

Mupen64 is a cross-platform N64 video game console emulator that allows users to play video games on the computer with ease.

It sports a

What’s New in the Mupen64?

Get free of your hard drive and finally enjoy all the games you loved on your PSP! That’s right, this is your best chance to finally get those cracked games working on your PSP, even if you didn’t know they were available for it!
The PSX PSP emulator is able to play N64, 64, and Z64 games on the PSP platform with great ease. You can even run the emulator with the PSP-2000 upgraded PSP. With the use of this emulator, you can access the games, game demos, and demos stored in the memory card.
In addition to that, the PSX PSP emulator is quite stable, and it can be run without the need to allocate space on the PSP’s hard drive.


Oculus Rift VR Emulator is a complete virtual reality experience through Oculus Rift headset. This is an ideal application for Oculus Rift lovers and people who are willing to make the transition to the VR world, it gives a realistic experience, and it even lets you enjoy a 360-degree view of the world.
This app includes the following major features:
– Experience virtual reality in the palm of your hands.
– Pinch and zoom functions to make your viewing experience as smooth as possible.
– High-definition 360-degree images with high-quality graphics.
– Full screen mode to provide a comfortable and clear view of the scene.
– Room scale support.
– Support motion controllers such as Oculus Touch, Hydra, and Quest.
– Quick access to your most frequently used actions.
– Many other key features.
If you want to experience the magic of virtual reality in the palm of your hands, we suggest downloading Oculus Rift VR Emulator now.


PlayStation Playstationset Emulator is an all-in-one PlayStation emulator that allows you to run PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games on your Windows PC. The emulator comes with a wide selection of games and can even emulate older PlayStation console models.
Most of the games you will find in this emulator are emulators, which are used to play games not designed to run on Windows. This is because the emulator requires a lot of RAM, CPU cycles, and hard disk space.
Other features of this emulator include:
– Support for PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable (

System Requirements:

You will be required to have a Dell vSphere 6.5 or later supported license from the Dell Software and Services Support Agreement.
You will be required to have an internet connection available at the time of login.
You will be required to install the software from this page using a single-user account.
You will be required to have a functional keyboard.
The software is not supported on Windows 10 (or Windows Server 2012 or later).
Customization does not apply to this license.