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In Windows Explorer, right click the folder containing your “myob  accounting plus.exe” and select “Pin to Start”.
How to make icons of all files and folders pinned into desktop.

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Acute fatty liver of pregnancy (AFLP) is a serious complication of pregnancy. The natural history of AFLP is variable and difficult to predict. In this study, we used a statistical model to predict maternal survival in AFLP. Prospective study of a cohort of 78 women with AFLP. Survival probabilities were predicted using the mortality data of the UK Obstetrics and Gynaecology Club and other published data. A maternal mortality risk assessment model was established. Two-thirds of our patients survived. There was an increased maternal mortality in patients with preeclampsia and with a poor nutritional status. The severity of liver disease and the presence of maternal sepsis were significant predictors of maternal mortality. Maternal survival in AFLP was good, although the risk of maternal mortality in AFLP is high.Q:

Show/Hide Input box depending on dropdownlist

I have the following code that hides an input box when a user selects a value from the dropdownlist. However, it does not unhide the input box when the user selects a different value on the dropdownlist. Any help is appreciated.

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