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Nitro PDF Professional 7 Crack (x64) download location.Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Regarding Semen and Oocyte Banking in the United States: A Population-based Survey.
Growing interest in embryo donation, assisted reproductive technologies, and reproductive knowledge and attitudes have created a need for information about the public’s knowledge and beliefs about semen and oocyte banking. We aimed to assess the knowledge and attitudes of a nationwide representative sample of U.S. men and women to semen and oocyte banking. A population-based sample of 8,260 adult participants was contacted by a national research firm, and a confidential, face-to-face survey was conducted by telephone. The survey was advertised via targeted e-mails, surveys with a cell phone app, and mailers sent to nonprofit membership organizations. We assessed the demographics of the sample, knowledge and opinions of semen and oocyte banking, and the likelihood of donating to banks. Of the 8,260 contacted, 80.2% completed the survey (n = 6,617). A total of 5.2% of respondents had used or donated semen, and 3.1% were oocyte donors. Because of concern about safety (45.1%) and legal risks (27.5%), most respondents were reluctant to donate to banks. Moreover, only 1.2% of respondents would donate semen and oocytes to their own banks. Importantly, 77.5% of respondents reported that semen and oocyte banking is not safe and would be less safe than other procedures. Of those who had donated semen, only 4.6% had donated an egg or sperm, and the majority (71.2%) of donors were reassured that their semen and oocytes were used for their own genetic health. Additional barriers that prevent semen and oocyte banking included the high cost (66.8%), the health insurance or HMO issues (50.9%), and the cultural barriers of religious (43.5%) and relationship (48.2%) rules. However, the majority of respondents believed that semen banking was necessary (82.4%), and that they would donate (66.6%), and if they could not donate oocytes (60.3%) or semen (59.6%), they would donate stored cells (59.8%). Although men and women have varying attitudes toward semen and oocyte banking, many have knowledge gaps and concerns about the technology. Banks would benefit from efforts to inform donors about the risks, benefits, and limitations of sperm and oocyte banking.(

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How to restrict access to only the root in jinja2?

I have a jinja2 template where I have a {% block content %} that contains a children template.
I would like to restrict access to the content_children to only the root.
I know I can use restrict_x_here to restrict access to the children template, but since I’m already using the block, I don’t see any way to do this.
I’m guessing maybe I can use a method of {{ content_block }}, but I can’t find a way to do this.


Use the restrict attribute:
{% block content %}
{{ restrict ‘block’ }}
{% block content_children %}
{% restricted ‘block’ %}
{% endblock %}
{% endblock %}

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