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There are several avenues to take when you want to take notes on your computer: Microsoft provides some intriguing options with their built-in solutions, such as Notepad and Sticky Notes, but third-party options are also freely available for everyone to explore.
Notation is a compelling alternative in this regard: it's an app geared toward note-taking, aiming to make the process as simple as it can be. A functional, intuitive interface, plus the shortcuts that help you get to your notes faster, paired with the cloud-syncing capabilities make this a compelling offer.
Writing down your stuff with just a few inputs
While it may not be the most fancy-looking app at first glance, you'll find that the minimalist design ultimately helps you get to your notes faster. It's a functional interface, and jotting down your thoughts is as easy as typing something into the text box, and it'll save automatically.
Below the text box, you'll find information about your text's word and character count. Searching through your content can be done through the Find function.
Working with this app is thus an easy process: you can have it act as your notes app of choice without fault. Its interface also lends itself well to memo-taking, especially in the way the layout is structured.
Shortcuts and cloud-syncing
The default shortcuts are intuitive and easy to recall: pressing the Win+N will bring the app to the forefront, allowing you to write down whatever's on your mind. Likewise, the Win+Shift+F hotkey will focus the app and allow you to search through the contents of your notes within seconds.
A cloud sync capability is also available through Simplenote, offering you the possibility to take your notes to any computer. Though, it's worth knowing that you'll need an account on Simplenote's website for that.
Notation is a rather simple app, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. You can start taking notes on it right away, and it's freely accessible to anyone wanting something simpler.







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The app allows you to jot down notes with the most intuitive interface imaginable. You just need to type a title and your note will be saved, with a word and character count. The interface itself is a well-built one, with solid options for font size and color. It’s a very easy app to use.
3. PDF Page Up
Although PDF files are great for storing a large number of notes, it’s not always convenient to create them. To make matters worse, storing PDFs on your computer can actually be dangerous. That’s why PDF Page Up is a great choice for those looking to take notes on their computer, without having to worry about backing up or potentially losing those notes.
PDF Page Up Description:
PDF Page Up is a simple note-taking app that is accessible from any web browser. It’s built upon a simple concept, and its aim is to be as easy to use as possible.
Built upon a simple concept
PDF Page Up is built upon a simple concept: instead of taking notes on paper, you simply create them on the fly. You can even take notes in a split-screen environment.
The app itself is simple to use: you can either take notes as you browse the web, or else launch the app directly from your desktop.
The result is a simple interface, but a very functional one: you can always go back to previous notes, or copy the notes from another web page.
Cloud syncing
The app is not only accessible from any web browser, but also via the cloud. That way, you can easily move your notes to any computer and access them from any device.
The PDF files can be sent through email, which is the fastest way to access your notes from any device.
With PDF Page Up, you get the benefits of taking notes on a web browser with the security and safety of having a PDF file. It’s an easy way to save notes you find online, and you can also work on a split screen environment while you’re browsing.
When it comes to accessibility, PDF Page Up is a great way to take notes without having to worry about missing any note.
PDF Page Up Description:
PDF Page Up is a simple note-taking app that lets you take notes on the fly, by simply creating them from web pages. It’s built upon a simple concept and is accessible from any web browser.
Built upon a simple concept
PDF Page Up is built upon a simple concept: instead of taking notes on paper

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What’s New in the?

Notation is a great note-taking app that's full of helpful features and an intuitive interface. It lets you write down text notes on your computer without ever worrying about a messy screen, and syncs your notes to Simplenote.



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Hard disk space: 10 Mb
Recent web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
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