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Nuendo 4, for legal reasons, cannot be downloaded (but you can use it in a limited sense). You can read about the reasons for this here.
To answer your question though, it’s not free (it’s actually $1999), but it’s the best DAW out there. It has a huge range of plug-ins (including older ones such as the 32-bit version of Synthogy’s old VSM plugin that you can find here).

Thursday, June 3, 2012

Weigh-Ins: What did I eat today?

Since none of us are on Weight Watchers (or counting calories), we’ve decided to count the calories we eat instead. I’m doing it with the Simple System — a way of tracking my meals and eating them in such a way that I can still eat lots of things, and will still find things that work for me.

Today I had:




1 slice of croissant


no breakfast

piece of pie

(this morning I found some cereal left over that I’d just eaten, and the rest of the box from lunch — very tasty!)

I found the counting thing kind of a headache, though. I usually get the same thing every single day, and it’s so easy to double-count a meal, or forget to write down what I had for breakfast, and so on. This way, though, I can at least say I knew I didn’t have much breakfast today, and that the meal I ate at lunch was bigger than usual — which means I’m more likely to eat less of it.

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