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AdminEasy is a small and easy-to-use application that will basically set/unset restrictions.
It’s administration utility. This tool is useful for Schools, Institutions, Cyber-cafe, etc. It allows some useful system settings and restrictions. Administrators can set restrictions on the users quickly without installing it.
Here are some key features of “AdminEasy”:
■ Disable right click,
■ hide drives hide my computer,
■ control panel.
■ Set general setting like no recent docs history,
■ clear page file on exit,
■ no window update
■ Small interface.
■ Only useful settings and restrictions are provided.
■ Check boxes serve the purpose easily i.e. No Not-configured/Disable option like Group policy editor (GPEdit OR GPE).
■ Portable. No need to install the program. It works even if GPE is corrupt or disabled.
■ Users can’s use the utility as it’s not installed in the system. Administrators can use the program via flash drive i.e. no installation.

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Download this screensaver now for FREE! It’s the best “Planetarium” on the Internet!
Imagine yourself watching the night sky, looking at planets in the night sky. These are the places that you can see on the Earth. Watch the Earth turned upside down. Imagine being on other planets. You can’t do that while in this world! Planetarium Screensaver allows you to easily switch between 4 different screensavers (each is one of the planets on the Earth, the Moon, the planet Mercury and the planet Mars). Have fun!
There are 6 different screensavers.
Each of them shows:
■ The Earth
■ The Moon
■ The Planet Mercury
■ The Planet Mars
■ The Planet Venus
■ The Planet Saturn
■ The Planet Jupiter
■ The Planet Neptune
■ The Planet Pluto
All images are very high quality. This screensaver will change with different speed. You can configure it as you want. You can turn it off and on, close the screen.
You can change the position of the planets and turn them on the right side or on the left side, left or right, side up or side down, hide or show the stars.
If you have any problems you can read this “Screensavers help” manual at this website:
If you don’t like this screensaver, you can request a full refund of all money that you paid for this screensaver or you can send me a full-screenshot of your screen with all the features of this screensaver turned on.
Thank you!
(1) Open the Free download.rar file and extract all files from the archive.
(2) If you want to run this screensaver as a screensaver in Windows XP, run SpaceScene_XpSetup.exe file. In Windows Vista and Windows 7 you need to install the screensaver from your Start menu.
(3) If you want to run this screensaver as a screensaver in Windows 8, follow these steps:
a) After the installation, SpaceScene_8Setup.exe file should run in background.
b) Open the Start menu and click on “Screensaver” to open the Screensaver settings.
c) Choose “Change settings” button and open the Power settings to select “Screen saver