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Spin is one of the fundamental quantum mechanical properties of an atomic object, also called spin quantization. The measurement of spin is possible using Stern-Gerlach method, which are used to detect the spin of an atomic object. It is the most common method of the experiments to measure spin of free electrons for example.
Spin of an atom is quantized into spin up and spin down. The most popular interpretation of spin quantization is that, for each value of spin, the atom is in a different state, and each state has a different energy. Because of quantization, there are only a set number of states per atom, as opposed to continuous energy levels. However, for most atoms, the spin is low and makes an atomic object insensitive to electric or magnetic field.
Origin Crack For Windowss of Stern-Gerlach method:
The Stern-Gerlach method was proposed by Max Stern and Walther Gerlach in 1923. The original method could be used for measuring the spin of free electrons. After experiments on the magnetic momentum of electrons, the method was extended to measure the spin of atoms. The Stern-Gerlach device is basically a magnet with two coils, which produces a magnetic field. As a result, the atoms with different spin have different degrees of deflection in the magnetic field, which makes a separation in two containers.
Spin-dependent Stark effect in atoms was first suggested by Jacob L. Birnbaum in 1929. The strongest electric field experienced by electrons orbiting a nucleus is called the QED “electric field”. It is caused by positive charge inside the nucleus, and it is strongest when the positive and negative charges are antiparallel. The electric field causes the electron to acquire a non-zero spin-dependent Stark shift, the “Zeeman effect”.
More information about spin-dependent Stark shifts:
When an electron is near the nucleus, it will be acted by the electric field of the nucleus. If the electric field is along the direction of the spin of the electron, the electric field will cause a spin-dependent Stark shift.
The electrostatic interaction of charged object and atom is proportional to the distance between the object and the atom. When the size of the object is significantly larger than that of the nucleus, then the object can interact strongly with the nucleus, and the electric field of the object inside the atom does not contribute to the Stark shift. Therefore, for an atom with one electron, the electric field of another electron inside the nucleus will contribute to the Stark shift

Origin (Final 2022)

Used to track all of the sales within your Amazon affiliate links.
WordPress / PHP / MySQL based application, but can be run from a simple Linux console.
Application is for Amazon to catch the sales from the affiliate link.
Developer and systems tested with version 1.5.1
Upload to fresh WordPress based site with WooCommerce installed
Apply for paid developer account if you would like to save the affiliate report directly to an SQL database.
No author bio

Performance Monitor

This is my new plugin for monitoring plugin stats.
Install and use it. If you want more features like checking which plugin updates breaks this or which versions have a bug. PM Monitor for WordPress gives you some information for free. And you can select to subscribe to a detailed reporting where you get all your info in an excel sheet to analyse them.
Version 1.1.0
– Screenshots added
– New look

Multipurpose WordPress LMS

This is my new plugin for managing simple LMS in wordpress.
Some very basic functions are in place. For example you can add content (posts), users (logins), usersgroups (roles), usersgroupsgroups (and so on). More features will follow in near future.
Jus updated the readme.txt and sent the release to FTP:)


Uploadify is a javascript library that makes it incredibly easy to create file upload form and target them to any type of interface. You can also make it a slideshow uploader or perform other fun stuff.
Some of the neat features are:
Drag and Drop Upload: Drag and Drop upload functionality for images, YouTube, Pdf and text files.
Auto Resize: Detects the size of the browser window and automatically resizes the upload form and previews to fit.
Multiple: Upload as many files as you like on the fly.
File Selection: Allows users to select any number of files.
Upload directly to FTP: Uploads the file directly to your web server.
Image Resize: Resizes the uploaded images automatically.
Image Cropping: Crop the images at the time of upload.
Javascript and Flash fallbacks: When javascript and flash aren’t enabled, the files are still uploaded using normal file upload form but the resulting file will have a.php extension instead of.swf or.js.
Autostart and auto close.
Site wide filesizes: Adds filesize to the

What’s New In?

Downloading an image from an internet server requires the downloading of binary content whose size is relatively big.
You can make your task easier by downloading images only from a specific website.
You can make it easier by downloading only images of specific size.
You can add images to a list.
You can disable the images if you want.
You can drag the images to a specific position on the desktop.
You can move the images from one list to another.
You can rename all or single images.
You can delete single or all images from the list.
You can copy images from a certain list to another list.
You can open the images directly in your default image editor.
You can lock images to prevent any modification.
You can add your own images to the screensaver.
You can add your own image to the screensaver.
It is a very simple and easy to use software, you just need to learn the program and the website where you can download images, after which you can download as much as you want.

This is a simple screensaver that takes some positions and displays them with images and music of the same name.
You can download images from the website, and view them.
You can also change the position of the images.
You can select the duration of the images.
You can mute the sound.
You can select a language.
You can start to check the images or just choose from a list of images.
It is easy to learn and use and free.

It has a lot of features that you can use, it is organized in a menu that is very well thought out.
You can configure the menu, add pictures, add videos and many other options.
You can mark what type of command buttons you want to use, for example, you can only use the calculate.
You can upload pictures and videos.
The application is organized in a way that you can configure it and use it easily.
A very complete application.
You can also download pictures and videos from the web, there are a lot of them, but it is very easy and simple to use, you just need a web browser that supports HTML5.
There are a lot of pictures.
You can configure the images to be displayed, among other options.
Simple, easy and good.
No download button, the application is directly on the site, a bit of a problem but that is because it is a peer-to-

System Requirements For Origin:

( for Mac )
Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later (10.9 recommended)
1.8 GHz processor
512 MB RAM
20 GB available disk space
8 GB available video memory
Mac OS X 10.7.1 or later (10.9 recommended)
1.4 GHz processor
Mac OS X 10.8 or later (10.9 recommended)