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GoFTP is designed to be a perfect FTP client. Based on numerous online reviews, GoFTP is designed to be a perfect FTP client. With it’s powerful features, GoFTP can do almost anything you can think of with FTP.
GoFTP is a free software product that you can download and use at no cost. We have chosen not to have any registration or membership fees, because we believe that the value of this program far outweighs any financial gains.
We hope that GoFTP will provide you with a great experience.
GoFTP Features:
– Overload Safe! – using AntiVirus encryption, GoFTP will never jeopardize your files, allowing you to safely download/upload without worry!
– Fast & Safe! – GoFTP has been awarded “Best FTP Download/Upload Software” by CNET in 2004, 2006, and 2008. Also in 2005 and 2007, GoFTP was awarded “Best FTP Client” by Softonic.
– Autorestart – A feature that automatically restarts your download/upload if it is interrupted by the server or by a system crash.
– Multithreaded! – GoFTP can multi-thread your download/upload. GoFTP will automatically stop the upload/download if the connection breaks. The program will then restart the connection.
– Multipart download/upload – A download/upload using parts of a file. If a file is too large to be downloaded in one go, GoFTP can automatically segment the file into parts for you to download.
– Whole File download/upload – A download/upload of the whole file in one go. When an error occurs, GoFTP will download/upload the file again.
– Stream Download/Upload – A download/upload that works by streaming the data from the server. This type of download/upload is a lot faster than whole file download/upload. It is also more efficient when you are connected to a server with a slow speed.
– Multiple parallel connections – GoFTP allows you to have more than one parallel connection at a time with up to the number of your CPU cores. This will allow you to make full use of your broadband connection.
– SSL and TLS – GoFTP can use secure connections (SSL or TLS). This means that you can download/upload from a secure website.
– Timeout detection – GoFTP will detect when a file is timed out. This way, you will not eea19f52d2

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