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Tele-Prompt LE is a full version of Tele-Prompt LE which also includes the following features:
1. Program and random access audio recordings
2. Multiple preset line titles which are easily accessed by scrolling up and down the line of text
3. One button access to the script for selected lines of text
4. One button access to the video file
5. Intelligent back-up and restore
6. User friendly wizard interface and auto complete function
7. Comprehensive statistics function
8. Customisable information display
9. Automatic time stretching of video recordings to suit the screen resolution of your computer
10. Automatic audio down-muting when the sound source is higher in the audio frequency range than your computer speakers
11. Customisable interface
12. Audio and video dynamic track previews
13. Built in microphone and video recorders for each of your computer inputs
14. Built in audio recorder
15. Built in video recorder
16. Built in file mover
17. Built in file monitor
18. Auto save feature
19. Customisable information display
20. Built in help facility
21. Customisable interface
22. Auto complete function
23. One button access to the script for selected lines of text
24. One button access to the video file
25. Reset/reboot ability
26. Timer facility
27. Statistics function
28. Smart audio down-muting
29. Built in microphone and video recorders for each of your computer inputs
30. Built in audio recorder
31. Built in video recorder
32. Built in file mover
33. Built in file monitor
34. Auto save feature
35. Customisable information display
36. Built in help facility
37. Customisable interface
38. Auto complete function
39. One button access to the script for selected lines of text
40. One button access to the video file
41. Reset/reboot ability
42. Timer facility
43. Smart audio down-muting
44. Built in microphone and video recorders for each of your computer inputs
45. Built in audio recorder
46. Built in video recorder
47. Built in file mover
48. Built in file monitor
49. Auto save feature
50. Customisable information display
51. Built in help facility
52. Customisable interface
53. Auto complete function
54. One button access to the script for selected lines of text
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To better illustrate the point, let us take a closer look at the basic features that make BPT-Pro one of the best solutions for users who need to augment Illustrator’s 2D-CAD capabilities.
– 17 easy to use categories
– 19 tools that can be integrated with Illustrator
– Thoroughly cross-platform compatible
– Fully customizable interface
– Quite useful commenting tool
– Schedule and Tile Block
– Organized, structured and easy to use
– You can resize and relocate tools to your personal liking
– 5 built-in themes and the ability to customize your own
– Undo history
– 3D and 2D graphics ready
– Multi-media publishing, eLearning and other production scenarios

BPT-Pro is the most powerful Illustrator plugin for digital artists. It enables you to quickly convert standard SVG vector graphics into AutoCAD objects, add precise and fast measurements, and produce professional project wireframes.
BPT-Pro Description:
With BPT-Pro, you can easily convert a wide range of SVG-based vector graphics into AutoCAD objects. You can measure and create arcs, arcs with a diameter, compare two or more objects, add perspective, and add and subtract views. When it comes to 3D graphics, you can cut out objects, modify existing ones, and draw 3D shapes.
You can use BPT-Pro to quickly produce professional project wireframes. With the help of the BPT-Pro Fillet tool, you can accurately create rounded corners and sketch continuous curves. The BPT-Pro TIP tool also enables you to create repeating and/or continuous objects from specific elements of any shape.
Supports AutoCAD 2016.1 and later
Supports nearly all SVG-based vector graphics
Supports 2D and 3D graphics
Supports big or small vector graphics
Supports multiline text
Supports full AutoCAD compatibility
Easy to use
It’s quick and convenient to use and configure
2D or 3D graphics ready
Advanced measuring tools
Create accurate arcs, straight lines, and arcs with a diameter
Add perspective
Draw 3D shapes
Measure and create complex object intersections
Cut out 3D and 2D shapes
Measure 2D and 3D objects
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CorelDraw Essentials 2018 – PDFs XSLs + Aperture

What’s new
– Fix images on layer palette
– R