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PDF editors are usually complex software solutions that might overwhelm beginner users at first sight, especially if all they are looking for is to re-arrange some pages in their document.
PDF Mixer aims to simplify this process, while also offering them the chance to insert additional pages.
Minimalist, straightforward looks
The main window is in fact the only available window, meaning all the features and functions are grouped together and you can easily locate them.
You can start by selecting the source document, using drag and drop operations or manual navigation. Also, changing the order of the pages can be done just as quickly, using only your mouse, as long as you activate the Drag mode.
A very handy feature of PDF Mixer is that you can preview each selected page, so as to ensure the generated page order is indeed the one you were interested in.
Insert extra pages
Additionally, you can enhance your PDF files by inserting various Office contents, namely Word, Excel or PowerPoint files.
Alternatively, you can add text files and documents from your scanner, as well as images – multiple formats are supported, such as BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF or PSD.
You also get the possibility to insert blank pages or to rotate any chosen page to the orientation you prefer (0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees).
Password-protect the output PDF
Once you are satisfied with the processed file, you can protect it by disabling printing or copying permissions. You can even assign it a password so that only authorized users can access it, and you can even choose the owner password.
To wrap it up, PDF Mixer can be used by both novices and experts whenever they want to effortlessly re-arrange the pages in their PDF files, while also getting to add additional pages.


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PDF Mixer is a simple utility that can be used as a PDF Maker to edit a PDF document or to create a new one. It is a simple application that helps the user to edit PDF files with the touch of a button. It allows to edit PDF fields as well as text content using a WYSIWYG interface. PDF Mixer is easy to use and can be used by anyone, regardless of whether they have any previous knowledge or experience in using PDF files.
Key Features:
Editing PDF fields – All the form fields in the PDF document can be modified by removing the user input and updating the appropriate fields. Also, you can update the text, annotations, headers, footers and other content present in your PDF file.
Adding new pages – You can add your own pages by using the drag and drop feature. Additionally, you can also use the PDF Mixer to convert a single page into multiple pages or vice versa.
Creating new PDF document – Once the document is prepared using the above mentioned methods, you can also convert it to a new PDF format. You can also use the package to import an image, text file, or documents from your scanner or another device.
Creating PDF and text files – To add even more to the benefits of this app, you can also convert the PDF document to text files and convert your existing text documents into PDF files.
Customizing PDF – PDF Mixer allows you to change the layout of the PDF document as per your requirements. The tool allows you to freely choose from the various layouts, view any page, and choose the required output layout. You can also convert the PDF documents to text, HTML and other formats.
PDF Page Rotate – You can easily rotate any page at a specific angle. You can choose the desired angle in the drop down menu. In addition, you can also remove the page content.
Protecting PDF – You can easily protect your output PDF file by disabling or locking the printing and copying permission. You can even add a password to the output PDF. The tool also allows you to protect the file from unauthorized access.
Support for Office files – You can also add any MS Office file as the document source. For example, you can add a text file, a PowerPoint file, image files or other files such as PDF, DOCX, XLS, RTF, TXT, and many more.
Main Screen Shots:

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PDF Editor is a powerful free program that allows you to convert PDF documents to editable word processors such as MS Word, PDF that anyone can easily edit.

With one click of a button you can easily edit any PDF document on your computer and make the text bigger or smaller, add color, search text in the PDF documents, add signatures or watermark.

PDF Editor includes over 12 powerful features and functions that will make the PDF editing process much easier.

And the best thing about it is that it works on all software running on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 and Vista.

PDF Scanner is a quick and easy way to turn a scanned document, printed page or picture into a PDF file. Just select a document and click the Print button. You will see PDF Scanner alert message, which informs you that the file is successfully saved as PDF document, and prompt a window to select the output directory.

Create PDF documents from any windows application easily – drag the pages from one window into another, rearrange or crop them.

Transmit to another application as a PDF file, just double click the PDF file.

Create PDF files from any windows application easily – drag the pages from one window into another, rearrange or crop them.

Transmit to another application as a PDF file, just double click the PDF file.

PDF Maker is free pdf creator software, which converts scanned documents, written documents and pictures into pdf document.PDF Maker enables you to choose a variety of formats and colors for the generated document.PDF Maker has a simple and easy-to-use user interface and a friendly friendly which makes it easy to utilize PDF Maker.

Long description:
PDF Writer is an intuitive PDF writer that makes it easy for users to write PDF documents on their computers. As an all-in-one PDF writer, PDF Writer includes such common features as text, image, form, and signature checking. PDF Writer is the most popular, easy-to-use PDF writer on the web.

PDF Writer is an intuitive PDF writer that makes it easy for users to write PDF documents on their computers. As an all-in-one PDF writer, PDF Writer includes such common features as text, image, form, and signature checking. PDF Writer is the most popular, easy-to-use PDF writer on the web.

PDF Writer is an intuitive PDF writer that makes it easy for users to write PDF documents

PDF Mixer Crack + Free [32|64bit]

PDF Mixer is a powerful Microsoft Windows tool that helps you to mix pages in a PDF document.
It allows you to use professional page layouts in any PDF document you created. You can create a PDF document with any selected set of pages.

The output PDF file will be in multi-column layout like standard pages and has the ability to add watermark text in your image, text, logo or photo in your document and hence PDF Mixer is a very good tool for designing business cards, brochure, leaflets, flyers and more.

Mix pages in a PDF document by using PDF Mixer. This tool is very useful for designers. You can create your PDF document and customize it by using this tool. You can use this tool for adding logo on PDF document. You can also add watermark text to your PDF document.

Mix Pages in a PDF document with this new PDF Editor. Using this tool you can mix pages in your document like you can pick pages using the page picker. You can add any document on PDF document. You can add logo in your PDF document.Q:

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What’s New In?

Custom-made and easy to use, the PDF Mixer Pro program is specially designed for professionals, allowing them to mix multiple PDF documents of various types into a single-file document that can be shared. The programmer has also designed the program with help for beginners, however, including a tutorial that will walk you through the entire process of re-arranging multiple PDFs.
To start the process, you will need to identify a folder that can be used to store all the scanned documents. From this folder, the pdfMixer will look for multiple PDF files to process. These files will be stored in the same folder and will be imported into the “Placement” tab. You can then assign a title for the new document, using the search bar.
Next, drag and drop the scanned documents on the “Placement” tab, if they should be placed on top of one another. You can then add more elements by using the edit menu that is located at the top-right of the placement tab.
The new documents can be sorted using the scroll buttons.
In addition to that, the “Document Explorer” tab provides the ability to add images and text. If you wish to use an image, you can select a location, then use the “Insert” button to paste it into the document. As for text, you can use the mouse to draw a selection box, choose an option in the list, and click the “Insert” button to add it into the document.
After all of the scanned documents are placed, you can use the edit menu to change their orientation.
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System Requirements For PDF Mixer:

Supported OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Server 2003 SP1, Windows Server 2008 SP2, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2
Viewing angle: < 90°
Composite In Compatible: No
Compatible with 3D glasses: Yes
Compatible with 3D PVA TV: Yes
Input / Output: HDTV, Composite (with audio), Component Video (with audio)