GeographicLib is a reliable set of C++ classes that allows you to perform several geographic, geocentric and geomagnetic calculations.
The tool is designed to help you solve geodesic equations, by converting UTM, UPS, MGRS or Cartesian coordinates to gravity indicators or geoid height values.
GeographicLib is designed to be used with.NET applications, but also with Python environments, Java, C, Fortran, JavaScript or Matlab tools.
GeographicLib focuses on returning accurate results with minimal errors – between five and fifteen nanometers. Moreover, the tool is a reliable alternative to several similar geographic translator development libraries.
The functions that you can build with this tool include converting geographic coordinates with the GeoConvert utility (GeoConvert), performing geodesic calculations (GeodSolve), or computing the area of geodesic polygons with PolygonAreaT (Planimeter).
The tool can also help you convert between geographic and transverse Mercator, using the designated library, or convert geodetic coordinates to geocentric or local Cartesian (CartConvert).
Moreover, you can perform projections based on geodesic parameters, with the help of AzimuthalEquidistant, Gnomonic or the CassiniSoldner tools (GeodesicProj).
Conic projections can be performed, based on the LambertConformalConic or AlbersEqualArea utilities.
Other functions that you can build and control include looking up geoid heights, computing the Earth’s gravitational field or performing rhumb line calculations, using dedicated models.
Each of the functions that you can build with GeographicLib is based on scientific equations, parameters or templates, so you can accurately calculate the desired result.
The tool includes a vast documentation that explains its usage, the obtainable results and the functions you can build with it.
There are several methods that you can use to install the GeographicLib components, namely the installation with cmake, with autoconfigure tools or using a GNU compiler.
You may install and use it with various versions of Visual Studio (exclusively in Windows). This science oriented tool allows you to almost instantly convert and calculate various geographic, geodesic or geocentric parameters.

GeographicLib is a reliable set of C++ classes that allows you to perform several geographic, geocentric and ge d82f892c90

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A keymap editor. The program allows to define a new set of keyboard shortcuts that will be made available by the program.
MACRO Designer Description:
A macro recording and playback application that allows the user to record keyboard presses on the computer screen and then replay them later.
* The project has been almost abandoned. * The most recent update was made in 2009. * The last release was made in 2008.
MACRO Designer is a small utility that will be useful to you if you are a keyboard and mouse user who wants to create a custom macro with custom key combinations, mouse moves and even other actions.
The program will allow you to define a set of keyboard keys that will be made available as macros. You can record these keys, replay them and repeat the process several times to create your own combinations.
MACRO Designer will automatically run when you start your computer. It will also make sure that the next time you log in, you are in the “Macro Designer” tab. You can select what other actions you want to make available in the “Extra Actions” section.
To make your own macro recordings, you simply have to follow these steps:
– Select a recording level.
– Select a recording area (Select how much of your desktop you want to record).
– Select a target recording level to make your macro.
– Type the keyboard shortcut you want to make available.
For the following macro actions:
– Select a recording area
– Move mouse
– Type the mouse shortcut you want to make available
– Select a recording level
– Shutdown your computer
– Power On your computer
– Log out of your computer
– Log In to your computer
– Start the current program
– Open a program
– Close a program
MACRO Designer includes the option to add an “Exit” action, too. This way you can save your work without using the GUI interface.
Check the project’s website for the last news and updates.
Keep in mind that this application is almost abandoned.
It is available to you at
Keyboard Macro Editor Description:
A keyboard and mouse macro editor. It is intended to be used to create macros with keyboard and mouse events.
MSFT PowerShell Description:
The Microsoft’s own implementation of a command line shell for Windows.
At this time, it is based on v2.0.0.0 and I expect to have its next release sometime at the end of the