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Saving with Photoshop This section explains how to save your image.

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Adobe Photoshop costs $600 for the standard version and about $500 for the Elements version. The Elements version is meant for people who don’t need Photoshop’s many advanced features. It also contains numerous features that would require additional training and financial investment for Photoshop users to understand and use. [Tip: Some people now prefer Sketch to Photoshop for designing websites. If you’re not sure you want to learn Photoshop, check out the comparison chart below, which compares Photoshop and Elements in a more limited way.] Use Photoshop or Photoshop Elements? You can use either a program to edit your digital photos. I like to use Elements, which I bought on Amazon because it costs less and I use less of it. Adobe Photoshop cost $600. To do the same things that Elements does, you’d need to spend a lot more money. You can edit and enhance images with Photoshop Elements. You can create graphics and web graphics. You can convert images between different formats. I’d recommend Photoshop for more complex projects, such as using curves to adjust brightness and contrast, adding a color profile, or changing the color of multiple layers. My list of Adobe Photoshop features follows. Many Elements users don’t need most of them. Adobe Photoshop features Create a New File You can create a new document and save it. After opening the new file, you can create all the new files you need from there. If you’re creating a lot of new graphics or images, you can save time by saving them from your computer screen. You can also open and create the new file on an external hard drive. Create a New File in Photoshop Elements You can create a new photo or graphics file in Photoshop Elements. You can choose several options for the file name, place it on an external hard drive, and add the date and time when you created the file. After opening the file, you can add new layers, edit the picture, add text, and more. You can open your photos and graphics in Photoshop Elements. Or, open your new files from external sources. Add Layers to Images You can add layers to images. You can add the new layers above other layers. If you make a mistake, you can remove the extra layers by selecting them and clicking Remove Layer. You can add extra photos to an image in Photoshop Elements. To a681f4349e

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Learning Photoshop is the best way to use the powerful editing and retouching tools available, and many people learn best by practicing as they go. Photoshop Toolbox The palette of tools used in Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop has so many tools for image creation and editing that they could fill a book just cataloging them, but here are the most important ones: Drawing Tools Photoshop draws directly to the layer that is currently active. Figure 2.6, “Use the Line Selection Tool for More Control,” shows where that layer is selected and also highlights the Pen tool, used for drawing and painting. The Line Selection tool is very similar to the tool found in CorelDraw that does the same thing. You can draw paths, select a closed or open shape (single or multiple), or just draw a straight line. The Pen tool is often used to simply brush away areas on a photo, or make the white of a background transparent as in Figure 2.6 (left). The selection handles are also used as drawing tools and can help make certain areas in a photo transparent, such as water in a photo. Figure 2.6 A line shape makes it easy to brush away area or make the transparent white of a background. Create a new layer by holding down the Shift key and clicking on the Layer pop-up menu at the top left or press Shift+Ctrl+N (Figure 2.7, left). This creates a new layer underneath the one you are working on, and the new layer is named “Layer 1,” shown in the View menu as Layers panel in Figure 2.7 (right). While you can create layers of any size, layers cannot be resized once created. Figure 2.7 Create a new layer in either of two ways (left) or name the new layer in the Layers panel (right). File | New | Layer to create a new layer. Once you have a new layer, you can resize it by typing a number that starts with a one in the New Layer Size text box (Figure 2.8, left). The number you type will be in pixels unless you are working in a group. Type one-third to resize a layer one third, or use 0.33 to reduce the size by one third (Figure 2.8, right). To resize a layer in pixels, you must use the pixels to create the size. If a layer is a size preset in

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Q: Using Newton’s Method to Solve Non-Linear Equations I was given the following challenge in a technical interview: In your opinion is Newton’s Method the best way to solve non-linear equations? What are your opinions on the tradeoffs of the “iterative methods”? A: Finding the zero of the function $f(x)=x^3-15x+1$ using Newton’s method is not so easy for a beginner, because of the cubic term. It would be easier to use a degree-$2$ polynomial. Electronic Arts has filed a countersuit against David Hillman, the co-founder and former president of development studio Angry Birds maker Rovio Mobile, accusing him of snooping on computers while on the job at the Finnish company. Hillman has been named in EA’s lawsuit as the individual associated with the “unauthorized downloading of EA’s proprietary computer code, intellectual property and other trade secrets through illegal and unauthorized means.” The company claims that Hillman improperly accessed computers belonging to EA’s Dallas and Santa Monica offices from a company-owned laptop, and while doing so downloaded “EA’s proprietary computer code, intellectual property, and other trade secrets on over 150 occasions” EA fired Hillman for allegedly stealing the data and prematurely soliciting a job at a competitor without consulting the company. The company is now suing him for copyright infringement, breach of contract and unfair competition. “Hillman illegally obtained EA’s proprietary computer code, intellectual property, and other trade secrets through illegal and unauthorized means, and acted in furtherance of his plan to use EA’s proprietary secrets in a new company he was forming,” reads the lawsuit. EA says it lost market share and gave away its technology to a competitor, as well as misappropriating “confidential and proprietary information relating to its business, products, technology, processes, procedures, strategies, plans, systems, software and training.” According to the document, Hillman compiled “a list of the employees who were responsible for various EA business functions, including the production of the EA software products, and the research and development of such software products.” The lawsuit claims that Hillman claimed to have connections with venture capital firms in a letter sent to Electronic Arts and Rovio in October 2011, but the company says they have no evidence that Hillman ever contacted any VC

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