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If you intend to create artwork or graphics for print or for Web use, a production-grade application such as Adobe InDesign (in Chapter 14) would be a better choice than Photoshop. Versioning File History Photoshop allows for versioning, which is not a unique feature — it’s common to version your work in almost any image program. Just the fact that you have the ability to go back in time creates an invaluable option to help track any changes you’ve made to an image. To locate and use File History, follow these steps: 1. Open an image in Photoshop and press CTRL+Z (Windows) or COMMAND+Z (Mac OS). 2. If you see the Image\ History Panel (refer to Figure 5-5), click the History drop-down menu to open it and choose History Settings. The History Panel is divided into work areas in the right of your screen. The first is a work in progress area. The second area holds changes you’ve made to the image since you last saved. The third area holds the current or most recent image (just after you saved it), and the fourth holds images from three versions back. The sixth area holds images that you haven’t created an image from yet. 3. Choose the area (1, 2, 3, 4, or 6) you want to view and click the Show button (the arrow with a circle in the lower-right corner) to display that area. 4. You may find it useful to define areas to view the files that you want. Click the down-arrow button at the right end of the top-left area of the History panel to open the area menu (refer to Figure 5-5). From this menu, you can define the times that you want to track and the number of versions. For example, if you save several different files throughout the day, you may wish to track all of them. Or you may want to track only the most current image at any given time and track the prior ones as versions, making it easy to go back to previous work. You can also change the amount of time to track, from one version back to an arbitrary amount of versions back. 5. Also use the time option to select one or more days at which you want to track versions of the image. Click the radio button to the right of the time options to choose the days that you want to track. The days in the drop

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You can read our review of Photoshop Elements 2020 here. Adobe Photoshop is a commercial advanced photo editor. It can be used as a graphics editor, a web graphics editor, or an image editor. It is the most popular graphics editor and has taken over the market from Adobe Illustrator and other software such as ImageReady. It is available on a number of platforms including Mac OS, Windows and Linux. Photoshop is a different program from Adobe Photoshop Elements which is an alternative to Photoshop. The difference is that Elements is free to download and use on Mac, Windows and Linux computers. Adobe Photoshop CS6 is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. Adobe Photoshop is a professional program that offers most of the features you can expect in a professional graphics program. You can choose which version of Photoshop you require and it will download the program for you. Downloading a trial version of Photoshop If you are trying to download a free trial version of Photoshop you will not be able to do this directly from their website. There is no direct link from the Adobe website that will take you to the free trial version. You will need to search the internet for a download site. Most often you will see only Photoshop versions that have been specifically designed for Photoshop teachers. In most cases, this is not the version you want as it will not come with the features you need for your own images. You can get a trial version of Photoshop by searching the web for the name Photoshop and the word trial. Then install the program into a folder on your computer. If you want to try the free version you can install it as a trial version but you cannot use all the tools and features that you can use with a paid version. Using your free trial version of Photoshop The first thing you need to do when using the free trial version of Photoshop is to set the clock in the tool bar to match the time you are using. Many Windows users set the clock to their local time but with the free trial you need to use the “Local” setting if you are using the US version of Photoshop. Set the clock in the same way in the file menu. Now you can open an image in your free trial version to edit it. The image will open in Photoshop using the “Window” setting. You are able to make any changes you want to make to the image, such as adding elements a681f4349e

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