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The Paintbrush and Pencils

Some image editing programs support the basic tools of the image-editing artist, although many of them are not as advanced as Photoshop. GIMP, the open-source version of Photoshop, does not currently support layers, so editing is an all-or-nothing affair.

PaintStick is another example of an excellent basic application. The active window is shown in Figure 4-17, with the Pen tool active on the left and the Eraser tool on the right. For best results, start with a grid overlay to position the grid lines and set the Offset value to a small number of pixels (ideally a half-pixel value). Dragging the grid lines over the image will help you keep the guides aligned correctly over the image.


The Paintbrush and Eraser tools can be used on their own to create, modify, and subtract from a layer.

The Paintbrush tool, shown in Figure 4-18, can be made to blend the brush color into the layer upon which it is painted. The goal is to mimic the look of a paintbrush that would be used on a traditional canvas painting.


The Paintbrush tool can be used to apply color on a layer.

The toolbar options for the Paintbrush tool include the following (see Figure 4-19):

* **Size:** This option adjusts the size of the brush.
* **Color:** This option adjusts the brush color.
* **Opacity:** This option controls the degree of transparency of the color.
* **Reverse:** This option reverses the color of the layer. This is typically the default option.


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The Photoshop suite has gained massive popularity for its best-in-class features for editing photos, graphic images, web graphics and more.

In this post, you will discover the best features for beginners, power users, pros and veterans. You will also find out the best practices to master Photoshop Elements 11, and how to fix potential Photoshop Elements 11 errors.

If you want to master Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 but lack the time to spend hours perfecting your skills, we have to share some tricks and techniques with you.

Are you looking for the best Photoshop Elements 11 tutorials, tips and tricks?

Here is a list of great PSD resources to help you become a master with the latest version of Photoshop Elements.

From this post, you will learn the following tips:

How to activate the Learn Photoshop Elements tutorials

How to quickly learn Photoshop elements 11 with the help of Photoshop elements tutorials

How to choose between best practices and shortcuts

How to create a great-looking product with full-screen graphics in Photoshop elements

How to transform graphics in Photoshop Elements

How to install Photoshop Elements11 on a Mac

How to save web graphics and mock-ups in Photoshop Elements 11

How to optimize graphics for Photoshop Elements 11

How to create web graphics in Photoshop Elements 11

How to export optimized graphics from Photoshop Elements 11

How to design web graphics for Photoshop Elements 11

How to use existing graphics in Photoshop Elements 11

How to add professional graphics to your website

How to create emojis in Photoshop Elements 11

The best features of Photoshop Elements 11

Photoshop Elements 11 is a lightweight graphic editor that shares most of the features of Photoshop (CS), Premiere Pro (CS) and After Effects (CS).

Nevertheless, the speed and ease of use and work are much better than Photoshop CS or premiere pro, and it is quite easy to learn.

Photo Editing and Adjustment

You can open images and perform basic changes to them.

The best way to edit images is to select the right tool (brush, eraser, lasso, magic wand) and begin the process.

Once you do so, go to the tool options and activate the appropriate brush or airbrush tool.

You can also refine your selections by using the Magic Wand tool.

The Bic pen tool in Photoshop Elements lets you select and edit areas of the image.

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SSJS: Find and delete Item in SharePoint List in a Loop

I need to find a particular item in a SharePoint list and delete it, but only delete it once.
The list is dynamic in that it will be updated frequently.
I tried using the following:
Option Explicit
Option Compare Text

Const sSiteURL = “”
Const sListName = “MyList”

Dim coll As Object
Set coll = Server.CreateObject(“Microsoft.SharePoint.SPWeb”)


Dim soi As Object
Set soi = coll.GetList(sListName)

dim i As Integer
Dim x As String

For i = 2 To x ‘100
x = soi.Items.Count ‘If items in list found
Debug.Print i
Debug.Print x
Debug.Print soi.Item(i) ‘If item found

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720p Video Resolution
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802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
8GB Free Space
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