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* _Photoshop Elements_ is a stripped-down version of Photoshop that is intended for users who either don’t have Photoshop or are beginners. It features basic image editing tools that enable you to crop images, scale them, duplicate or merge layers, and make minor changes to images. It also has features that enable you to add special effects, such as text and lines, as well as blend modes, including the popular multiply blend mode. If you have a lot of images on a computer with limited memory, you’ll want to look for the Elements version.
* _Lightroom_ is a more powerful, yet still easy-to-use editing platform that enables you to edit your images more quickly and effectively than you can with Photoshop. Although some of the editing tools are similar to those in Photoshop, Lightroom is designed to be more streamlined and user-friendly.
* _Fireworks_ has been around for a while, but has been in dire need of a refresh. In recent years, however, some major enhancements have been added to Fireworks that enable you to do much of what you can with Photoshop or Lightroom.
* _Drawing and Measuring_ : Photoshop has always had a feature that enabled you to draw shapes. You can use this tool to trace objects or to measure areas inside an image. These commands are accessible from the toolbar or through the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+D.
* _Mask_ : As you are creating a layer in an image, an outline often will be the shape on which you are working. You can create a mask for your image and it will automatically create a perfect outline of your chosen shape. A feature called the Reflection tool is used to help you choose the right outline. This tool can be found in the Tools panel on the right side of the screen.
* _Clone Stamp_ : This is a tool that enables you to duplicate selected areas of an image (or multiple areas) and place it elsewhere on your image. You can select areas from various areas of an image, or you can use a specific area that you’ve dragged using the Move tool to create a clone of that area.
* _Smudge_ : The Smudge tool works like the Clone Stamp tool, except that you can control the amount of dust and smudging that results. You can also choose to reduce color contrasts in your image by allowing color values to blend together.
* _Free Transform_ : These tools are used to resize or move

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If you want the more traditional Photoshop experience, we’ve also listed some other alternatives to Photoshop below.

What’s Photoshop Elements?

Elements is free and very simple to use. You open a new document and you have 20 toolbars at your fingertips.

The new easy actions are arranged in different sub-sections:

15 filters: A standard range of filters that have been designed for beginner to intermediate users.

Unusual effects: such as reversing, deflating, distorting, embossing and many more unusual effects.

Picture styles: various effects (tilt-shift, border, gradients, special effects etc.)

Editing tools: basic tools and a selection tool

Then there are buttons with different special effects:

Element 3D: Photo 3D, Video 3D and Video Stabilizer

From the 20 toolbars at your fingertips, you can choose to add any of the editing tools or effects.

We’ll look at the most popular effects and filters.

1. Cropping and Rotating


The crop tool allows you to select a specific area of your image to be cropped.

Crop from the right top corner of the image:

select either the top left, top right, middle left or middle right corner and then press Enter (Return) twice to “crop” the image.

Cropping from the left top corner:

select either the top left, top right, middle left or middle right corner and then press Enter (Return) twice to “crop” the image.

Crop from the left bottom corner:

select either the bottom left, bottom right, middle left or middle right corner and then press Enter (Return) twice to “crop” the image.

Crop from the right bottom corner:

select either the bottom right, bottom left, middle left or middle right corner and then press Enter (Return) twice to “crop” the image.

Crop from the top left corner:

select either the top left, top right, middle left or middle right corner and then press Enter (Return) twice to “crop” the image.

Crop from the top right corner:

select either the top right, top left, middle left or middle right corner and then press Enter (Return) twice to “crop” the image.

Crop from the middle left corner

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What’s New in the?

The Liquify tool allows for easy manipulation of the shapes of layers. It’s great for smoothing out any wrinkles in an image, and is useful for creating that perfect logo or branding design.
Adobe Photoshop allows for an endless number of great photo effects, including lighting effects, background erasure and burning, and much more.
You can customize the size and color of brushes with the Brush Size and Brush Color controls. You can also create new brushes by recording strokes made in Photoshop. You can also reset the brush size or brush color to their defaults.
The Brush Options control lets you set various options for each brush. These options can include brush tip size, stroke width, and brush angle.
The Eraser tool is a quick way to remove objects from images, including selections, text, and other graphics.
The Pen tool is a variation on the Brush tool that allows for precise erasing of areas on an image. You can draw shapes, lines, and curves with the Pen.
Brush Tip Shape defines the shape of the brush. Many other settings affect how the brush behaves and how it can be used.
The Stroke Size controls the width of the strokes you create with the brush. You can change the brush size to different types of brushes.
To change the size of the entire brush, use the Brush Size and Brush Color controls. To customize the size of only the brush, use the Brush Size and Shape controls.

The Shadow Type control affects how shadows are created. The Shadow Height control determines the height of shadow areas. The Shadow Color controls the color of the shadow.
The Blend Mode is an important control as well. You can use different Blend Modes on text layers to adjust the way text is overlaid.
The Smudge tool is used to soften or sharpen areas of an image. It’s also used to blend together two adjacent areas of an image.
Blend modes have various effects. Luminance, Color Burn, and Color Dodge all soften or sharpen parts of an image. Color Burn and Dodge are often used to make the image look like an old-time Kodak photo.
Gradient can be useful for adding small amounts of transparency to colors, or blending colors in different portions of an image. A Gradient Blend Mode can be used to blend together two or more areas of the same color.
You can use the Gradient tool to add a gradient that will flow smoothly across an image. You can also use the gradient to create a soft, dream

System Requirements For Photoshop CC 2019 Version 20:

Windows: XP SP2 or higher.
Mac: OS X 10.6.4 or higher.
Linux: Ubuntu 15.04 (Wily), Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily), Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial), Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety), or Ubuntu 17.04 or later.
Recommended: OpenGL 4.2 or above.
Minimum: 512MB of RAM.
8 GB of free space on your hard drive.
We recommend installing the new GeForce Game Ready