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Finding the Brush tool

There are several ways to get to the Brush tool. The most convenient is through the main menu; this enables you to access the Brush tool in any of the various work-flow modes (see Figure 13-5) and also jump to the Brush menu for quick access to any of the brushes.

FIGURE 13-5: You can access the Brush tool through the main menu of the program.

If you prefer to find the Brush tool by using the keyboard shortcuts, in the Tools panel, you can choose Brush from the _Brush_ menu to get to the tool. You can also press Alt+B to jump to the Brush tool.

## Applying the Brush

Although you can use the Photoshop Brush tool to change an image in any number of ways, most people use it to make an adjustment to an image. Figure 13-6 shows how to use the Photoshop brush to make a quick little cutout of a dragonfly.

FIGURE 13-6: You can use the Brush to make quick and easy cuts

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While many people use Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements allows you to edit their images on a smaller budget, and with certain limitations, without needing to purchase Photoshop.

In this article, I will give you a quick overview of the Photoshop Elements program and show you a few shortcuts and ways to make life easier.

Photoshop Elements Pros and Cons

Let’s start with the positives:

Photoshop Elements Pros

The best thing about Photoshop Elements is that it’s free

It’s really easy to use

There’s a whole lot of content you can download

You can make your own custom workflows

There are additional plugins for functionality that are not directly included in the program.

It’s easy to add new fonts and artwork to your projects

You can get creative with your typography

You can make vectors

It has powerful basic tools that give you a wide range of options

Photoshop Elements Cons

You cannot make use of the wide range of plugins that are available in the professional version of Photoshop

You cannot import files from any other application except Photoshop

The program doesn’t have a lot of features and functionality

And lastly, there is no version that exists for Windows 7 or Windows 8

What’s Included in Photoshop Elements

Let’s take a quick look at what you get with this program:

Easy and simple editing tools

Ability to easily create a new document

Document functionality such as adding text, creating shapes, and adding images

Several import and export features that are easy to use

Editing tools for creating gradient fills and overlays

Sharpening your images for printing

Smoothing your borders and curves

Text options

Batch operations


Create shapes with Bezier curves

Shape setting options

Text background settings

Using the basic tools in Photoshop Elements

That’s all the functionality included in the program.

If you’re not familiar with the tools in Photoshop Elements and you don’t want to spend too much time learning the ins and outs of this program, here are a few shortcuts that will help you to edit your photos faster:

Use the following shortcuts to access the following tools:


Alt/Shift + Command/Ctrl +



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Rocky Whistler: If Dogs Can Recognize Their Owners, What Does That Mean for Us?

We all know by now that dogs can recognize their owners’ faces. It’s common knowledge, but it’s still surprising for people who aren’t used to seeing their pets’ affection. And, if dogs can recognize their owners, what does that mean for us? Could it mean that a dog would immediately recognize your face when you pull up at the park where your dog is playing, even if you’re not the owner of that dog? What if a dog could pick you out of a crowd?

If a dog does recognize you after you’ve been away from it for a while, it could actually be good news. It shows that a dog is bonded to you. It has a sense of your character and personality. That’s what makes it a good pet.

Dogs keep watch for their owners in the front yard. The owner greets his dog who is busy snoozing on the front lawn, but suddenly perked up when he smells the approaching car.

However, I do think it’s possible that a dog’s memory does fade over time. Studies show that a memory can be stored for about 3-4 years, with half-life being about 1-2 years. That is, if a person has a small memory of a house or an event, it can be recalled after several years, and not as precisely as it was remembered immediately after the event.

With that in mind, I think dogs should be given the freedom to keep a memory of their previous owner in a way similar to what a child can do. But I understand that there are other (possibly unrealistic) reasons that a dog chooses to forget. Like, it could be because it has bonded with you and this is the only way it can remember you.

Have you experienced this? Have you seen your dog choose a new owner without missing you?

Click on an image to enlarge.

0 thoughts on “Rocky Whistler: If Dogs Can Recognize Their Owners, What Does That Mean for Us?”

My dog, Bolt, remembers the last owner he was with. He’s had four owners in the past three years. His second owner took him away from me, so he doesn’t recognize her (he’s comfortable with the other three

What’s New In Photoshop CS6?

The brush tool is used to paint color and texture onto your image. You can use the brush to apply color, texture, or even create photographic effects. It is also one of the most fun tools to play with.

(1) Click the Brush tool in the Toolbox, and then click a location on your screen to get started.
(2) Move the Brush tool over your canvas and you can see it change from a pencil to a brush. This is called “painting” the brush. Notice how it has a certain amount of pressure. This will help you change the look of the brush and help you create different results.
(3) Hold down the SHIFT key and drag the brush towards your image to see it change from blue to a white outline of your brush. When the brush changes to white, you will see it move from the canvas to the image.
(4) Brush away: Tap the SHIFT key and let go of the mouse for the brush to paint away. You can control the speed and pressure of the brush by holding down the SHIFT key and dragging the mouse.
(5) Switch the Brush tool to a brush or pencil and start the process over again.


Brushes usually come in different sets, such as a watercolor set. To get to this brush set:

1) Click the Brush tool in the Toolbox
2) Click the Type tool
3) A list of brushes will appear. Select “WATERCOLOR TYPE”


You can also use the Eraser tool to remove unwanted pixels from your image.


The Eraser tool has five variations:

– Eraser is a black tool that removes areas of pixels
– Erase Background, which removes areas of pixels that are between your fingers and the canvas
– Erase All, which removes entire areas of pixels
– Erase Noise, which removes pixels from your canvas to make your images sharper
– Erase Selection, which removes selected areas of pixels

A select color is located on the bottom left of the tool, with white to the right. This color should be similar to your background. When the white box becomes completely opaque, your brush will do the work for you.


The Character and Symbol tools make it easy to add text and to crop images.

System Requirements For Photoshop CS6:

* Internet connection for gaming and patching
* Minimum 1 GB free disk space
* Recommended: Pentium 3+ CPU, 2 GB RAM
* This guide is for Patch 1.03.2
Patch 1.03.2 is still under development. It will be released when is finished
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