PSP MEGA-PACK (184 ISO-CSO 73 [Minis]) {5.00m33-6}

– Auto Debug is an api monitor tool which can automatic tracing all apis and activex interface input and output parameters.
– Easy set which api want to monitor, this application will auto trace the target program and monitor the input and output of function call. Monitor any dll and activex interface, automatic analysis pdb files. Unlike others apispy or api monitor tools, Auto Debug software did not need user to develop any dll or hook dll. It’s so easy.
– Only set the apis which we want to monitor checkbox to ON, once the target application to running and called these apis, it will monitor these apis input and output parameters with automitatic! Didn’t need to develop any dll, once installed the software, we can start to monitor apis NOW!
– Auto Debug is fully integrated, no any installation or configuration, just run it, you will be automatically monitor all apis of target application.
– Auto Debug is able to monitor all apis, whether in dll or by dll hook!
– Now Auto Debug supports x64 platform!

All Bugs Fixes – Xamarin Forms and Cross Platform

Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android can share the same source code, so we can easily develop a common project and share with others.
But when Xamarin.Forms (Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android) application developed with shared code will go into a “Crash” and leave an ApplicationOutOfMemory exception after use for a long time, if we don’t use “GC.SuppressFinalize” or use “Dispose” method of class for a long time.

C# – StackOverflowException

I’ve a simple loop and i’m getting the StackOverflowException: A stack overflow has occurred on the machine. The remaining stack trace is as follows:
at System.Threading.LazyInitializer.EnsureInitializedCore[T](T& target, Boolean& initialized, Object& syncLock, Func2 valueFactory, Boolean& syncLockWasGentlySet)
at System.Threading.LazyInitializer.EnsureInitialized[T](T& target, Boolean& initialized)
at BgwWorkerRunner.BgwWorkerRunner.Initialize(CurrencyBagLazyInitializer.cs:26 eea19f52d2

“The Avengers”, the most awaited movie of 2012, is one of the greatest crowd-pleasers ever made. Thanks to the most spectacular special effects, the production won the hearts of people of all ages. It gained popularity worldwide. The atmosphere, and the fans, including the members of the Avengers, raised the bar higher, which was on the verge of collapse. The Avengers Theme will bring all the members of this amazing group together on your desktop. “The Avengers” theme is a high quality app that works flawlessly.

No matter how you use your screen, you will find the images from the movie in it. The pack includes six dynamic images that display the heroes in the middle of the fight. Thus, Iron Man, the Hulk, the Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye and Thor are shown in high definition wallpapers.

The images have a high resolution, which means they can easily fit on most screens, no matter how big, without losing any of the quality. The pack includes all the Marvel superheroes in high quality.

The wallpapers’ positioning can be altered by choosing one of the options provided by Windows (center, tile, stretch, fill or fit). However, since the images already have a large resolution, they shouldn’t suffer many modifications in the process, no matter your choice.

You can select the time interval elapsed before changing the photograph, to anywhere between ten seconds and one day. Furthermore, you can alter the succession of the pictures by ticking the box next to “Shuffle”. Thus, your pictures won’t be displayed in a particular order, but randomly. You can also unselect any image, to avoid the display of them.

In addition, if you don’t want to display any of the included images, you can very easily adjust that. All you need to do is unselect them from the theme menu.

The Avengers Theme Download Features:

Create a User Account and Add the Theme in Windows

Mainly the theme is very easy to be installed, there is no need to do some extra work, just run the setup file. If the setup file can be recognized, the program will run automatically.

After the program is installed, you can see the installation menu on the taskbar. Choose “Install Avengers Theme”.

User Account Setup and Adding the Theme in Windows

You can create a User Account for different users,