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Quick PK Test allows you to test your psychokinetic abilities by simply rolling the dice and trying to get as many sixes as possible.
The interface is simple. All you have to do is press start and hope for a six roll.







Quick PK Test Crack+ Full Product Key Free [Win/Mac] [Latest-2022]

Improve your ability to pull off miraculous displays of psychokinetic magic by challenging your skills in Quick PK Test Full Crack.
Pick the level of difficulty, the number of dice you want to roll and the number of correct dice.
Start rolling and see how good you are at PK.
How to play?
In this game you must try to get as many random d6 dice into the sixes column as possible.
You have 10 minutes to see how well you can master your skills.
You must make a certain number of sixes or let the timer run out.
In the end, you have a balance of points depending on your personal high score.
How are the results shown?
The results are shown in the form of a high score table.
In a way, the score table shows you which levels of the game you have mastered.
You start with Level 1 and you are making a higher score at each level.
Level 1 – The level of difficulty that you are on for this test.
Level 2 – In this level you have to pick the number of dice that you want to roll.
Level 3 – In this level you have to control your rolling speed.
Level 4 – In this level you have to do it fast.
Level 5 – In this level you have to do it fast but also as accurate as possible.
Level 6 – In this level you have to do it accurately.
Quick PK Test Crack For Windows High Scores:
If you are a beginner, you are given the opportunity to start with easy.
If you are a professional, you are given the opportunity to start with hard.
If you are a beginner and you are playing against people who are professionals, you can choose to start with difficult.
How to play?
Cracked Quick PK Test With Keygen is a bit different from other games.
You are given a certain number of dice and you must roll them to see how many are in the sixes column.
The rules of the game are:
In 10 minutes, roll the dice, as many times as you can, and keep trying to make a sixes roll, or the timer runs out.
You get a number of points each time that you successfully make a roll.
After you have played, the score is on the high score table.
Quick PK Test is a very fun game and you can see that it is getting more and more difficult every level.
So good luck and have fun!
Game Play Tutorials:
Level 1

Quick PK Test Crack Free

Quick PK Test is a simple psychokinetic ability test and works exactly like a conventional dice roll. To begin the test you simply press the play button and then you roll the dice. The score will display in seconds and will show your best score as well as how often you rolled a six. In addition to the score you will also be provided with an overall percentile and a breakdown of the number of dice that came up sixes as well as the number of each type of dice that come up sixes.

The gameplay is really basic. You roll the dice and the score will appear in seconds. After that you can test your abilities again and again as many times as you want. There is no challenge here as the dice rolls have no effect on the results of the test. It might be fun to know your abilities but it is not meant to be used to improve your abilities nor is it a way to see who has the best abilities.

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Quick PK Test Crack [32|64bit]

In Quick PK Test you roll the dice to see how your psychokinetic powers are working. Quick PK Test has six different d6s to use. Try rolling the different types of dice to test your psychokinetic powers. Each roll has to contain at least 6 dice.
The goal of Quick PK Test is to roll the dice as much as possible and have the most 6s. Roll all dice, but make sure to have at least one 6 on the six dice you are rolling. The interface of Quick PK Test is simple and makes it easy to get a good score.
A simple interface.
• Six different d6 types to use.
• A simple interface and works on all devices.
• How many sixes can you roll?
• Check the leaderboard.
If you want to have a go at this game, all you have to do is press “Start”. Quick PK Test will roll all of the dice. If you want to roll more dice, press the “Roll More Dice” button. That will roll the additional dice for you. You have to make sure that at least one 6 is rolled when you roll more dice.
We’re in the process of adding more sixes to make it easier to roll a six.
If you spot any spelling or grammatical errors, please let me know.

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What’s New In?

Quick PK Test is a simple psychokinetic ability dice game. You have to roll six dice and hope to get the right number of sixes to score a double victory, known as a “Sedih”.
Good luck and have fun with Quick PK Test,
Special thanks to iVivi to the music.
Version History:
v 1.01: First release of Quick PK Test.
v 1.02: Add save & load game features.
v 1.1.1: Fix minor bug on win.
v 1.1.2: Fix minor bug on mobile.
v 1.2.0: Tilt force in the game.
v 1.3.0: Support 4 player multiplayer, now you can challenge your friends around the world.
v 1.3.1: Fixed bug on score screen.
v 1.4.0: Add in-app purchases. Upgrade an expand pack for $1.99


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